Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Girl Brandy (A Rapper)...........

The other day I was previewing some music off of Timberland's Up coming album "Shock Value II" in stores Dec 8th. And I heard Brandy was supposed to have at least two songs on the CD with him. So as I'm previewing the CD, I was starting to feel upset, because I was like there is no Brandy on this Damn CD. Well one day I was on the train listening to it again, and I heard the background vocals to the song called "Meet In Tha Middle" featuring some chick named Bran' Nu rapping (which I thought was hot), and I said OK that's Brandy, yay!!!! (but still sad she didn't sing more than the background vocals)

But today I saw a tweet on Brandy's Twitter page saying "OK, so last night was one of the best nights for Bran'NU!! She did the damn thing!!! Performing with Timbaland was like a DREAM!" So I said, let me research this Bran Nu' chick, because if Brandy likes her maybe I will too. So I Google her, and guess what I found out! Bran' Nu is BRANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost fell out on the floor lol. I'm like my girl is rapping. OMG, she killed those verses. I remember posting a song a while ago with Brandy rapping in it on my blog. It was a song that didn't make her album, but I didn't know she was going to actually do it for real for real lol.

So below are the two tracks from Timbaland's new album featuring Bran' Nu a.k.a Brandy.

Check out this Video where Brandy is rapping for fun:


ZION`OLOGY said...

brandy killed that shi...!!!

speaking hypothetically said...

i agree she killed it!

Acoustic Soul said...

Well luckily I caught these before they just turned into white boxes. I came back to leave a comment.

Bran Nu impressed me. I gotta give it to her. Gon girl!

Jeff0418 said...

Wow the original Mrs.Deonte Keller..did the damn thing.

Anonymous said...

i like it

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