Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanks For Your Comments Guys.....

...... On my new blog banner photo. As most of you know, I'm back to taking my own pictures so when I took this banner photo I was like OK, it will do lol. I had a few to pick from so I decided to post them. I swear this can be a lot to do every month lol (especially if your taking them yourself). It all started last year in January, when I decided to put January on my banner photo. Then folks started saying, well I wonder how February's banner is going to look, and so on LOL. So I started feeling a lil' pressured to do these, but it wasn't until August, that I started getting someone else to shoot them for me. And it was then, I started taking this monthly banner thing seriously. Even though from January - July I continued to do a monthly banner photo lol. So August - October my photographer partner (at the time) took all of my banner photos, and I loved them. It was hard to work with another person, because I was so used to taking them myself, but at the end of each shoot, I came out with a great photo somehow lol (I'm no model, trust me). So in November something happened. I notice the lack of interest, and some other things that I will not discuss. When you have a passion for something, it's always great to surround yourself with folks who really wants to be in your corner, and wants to support you. I'm the type that will only allow somethings to go on but so long. When things are not working, I put a end to it! Period. People, we all can do bad by ourselves, and I rather do things myself, if that's what it takes to get it done! So with that being said I was going to finally end this photo banner of the month thing with this December photo. I took these batch of photo's with my new camera myself. I feel like this is becoming too much lol. It's really hard taking your own photos. Plus I didn't think I could do what I had my partner doing for me, with all the angles and so on. I didn't want to go from having these hot photos, to regular old so so pictures. It's like I didn't want to go from a Gucci bag to a Wal- Mart purse lol. I can't get the same angles, as I would if I was actually holding the camera. I wish I could take my photos like I do everyone else. Sometimes I get jealous of my models because they have a great photographer, and I don't! (Arms folded) lol... But they came out cool, and based on some of your responses on Facebook & Twitter, I feel I can't stop doing them now lol (the banner photos) DAMN YOU FOLKS!!! LOL ... Thanks for all you guys support. This month will be very busy for me, so my last Photo shoot in the year of 2009 will be with Xem VanAdams of In 2010 dTk photography will hopefully bring you more photos, and hot pictures. And this time I will make sure I stay focused, and do my OWN stuff. No more partners for me! It's time to take things to another level. Love you guys.

Please continue to support my blog like you support my Facebook & Twitter pages. Sometimes I feel like deleting my Facebook & Twitter pages & focus solely on this blog, because people comment on my other pages about my blogs lol... which is cool, but I feel the blog is suffering, and it's more important to me, than the other pages. So I will see lol. But anyway on January 1, 2010 (if I'm still here living on this earth, you know everyday is not promised to us) check back to see if I will continue this blog banner saga for the next year.

What do you guys think? Will I continue to do blog banner photos for the new year, or not? Hmmmmmm only time will tell...


ZION`OLOGY said...

awwww..great post bro:)
hahahahahhahaha@ the last pix...not feeling that one...i would have picked the forth one or...the rest still look cute...but u be rocking ur signature smile on that one much better:)..loving the second one too.

#i think the banner thing will grow old but if push ur creativity u`ll get some outstanding pix from ya...doing things differenly...zxxx

Bombchell said...

whoa look at those abs!!!!!

deonte' k said...

Zion: thanks lol.... Im actually not a fan of the last pic myself, but my boyfriend loves it! Different strokes for different folks... what one person loves another may not, so be it lol....And I don't think
the blog banner thing will get old. I love being and doing different
things. I don't like doing what others do (using other peoples photos)
especially when Im a photographer... I like art and experimenting
different things. Plus @ the end of the day, I do everything I do for
the fun of it, not for others to like. I don't want nor care to be
popular, but since so many folks like my work and the things I do, I'm
very appreciative of that! Just like I appreciate your comments and
opinion. ;)

deonte' k said...

Bombchell: Hey babe girl..... lol... Im trying lol... ;)

Acoustic Soul said...

Those are all really good pictures. I like the one u put up on yoru banner, but either of them could have worked.

Kinda looks like you are two different weather climates. U got ya shirt all open, and then you in scarfs and gloves. CUTE! I like!

Denisha said...

I love all of your pics are hawt!! #7 is the bizzness!! You can accomplish your dream without your ex-partner. You have that niche!!

Jeff0418 said...

your pics have always been great Deonte, but I have to say that your latest pics have been off the chain. Keep up the great work..I love your banners for the seasons I lok forward to another 12. P.S. the pics with the shirt are my favorite that color on you looks great!!

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