Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Deonte`s Top 5 Song's This Week Returns LoL....

.....I know I haven't posted my top 5 songs in a few weeks guys, but it's been crazy & I've been extremely busy. Plus I've been feeling the same ol' songs for weeks, so I didn't wanna keep posting them back to back... but I'm back with the most played songs in my Ipod this week. Check them out!.... and yes (in this pic) tired & sick..... on the train... AGAIN!!! LOL

Deonte` Top 5 Songs This Week

So what have you guys been listening to lately?


Jeff0418 said...

1. Kerri Hilson -Slow Dance 2. Try Songz&Drake-Successful 3.Jay Z,Rhianna &Kanye-Run this town 4.Ghostface killah -Baby 5.T.I.-Hell of a life

Anonymous said...

1. Mariah Carey "Ribbon"
2. Jojo "25 To Life"
3. Electrik Red "P Is For Power"
4. Teena Marie "Milk And Honey"
5. Mya "Boss"

CutieTJ said...

1.Mariah Carey - It's A Wrap
2. Lil Eddie ft. Mya - Searchin For Love
3. Brandy - Slow Love
4. Mario - Thinkin About You
5. Toni Braxton - Yesterday

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