Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Leona Lewis 'Punched' At Signing

I can't believe someone done when and put there hands on my Leona Lewis y'all.... people know, last year I wore her out on this blog page. I can't believe this! How dare he! He lucky my car is in the shop because I would gas up the Charger, and be on the road like Knight Rider!

Click here to see the video about the incident.

*Note* Call me Leona!!!!!!!


Jon said...

I read about this and was very mad about it as well. A cowardly act...must be a pathetic and sad individual.

deonte' k said...

Jon: So true!

Jeff0418 said...

That is sad what the hell is going on in the world..I'll ride shotgun with you Deonte..time for some ass kicking

speaking hypothetically said...

Sad....I wanna see this on YouTube thou

Anonymous said...

I would have wooped his ass and singed books at the same damn time!!!!!!

ZION`OLOGY said...

hahahhahahahhahah@ reggie:)
even tho leona bores the shit out of me...that was really uncalled for!!!

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