Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Update: dTk photography's 2011 Model Of The Year Competition: The 1st Challenge/Photo Shoot/Elimination


The models had a one on one session with a photographer. Their challenge was to show up in something that describes their personal styles, and pose in it as if it was the best thing they have ever worn. To me fashion can be what you make it. When it comes to being in front of a camera, I feel if you want to cut a hole in the middle of a colorful rug, as fashion, you can. As long as you can sell it in a photo, and make it look hot I'm fine with that. So the overall challenge for me was not to see who's clothes look the best, but what model showed up in their attire and posed for their lives. What model delivered, and what model made the photographer feel he could 100% trust this model if he sent him on a paid photo shoot to model something completely paid for by me. As Head of this competition, I definitely don't want to waste money on a shoot with someone who I cant trust to deliver a great photo. So who did the photographer feel had that spark, and delivered on set, whether their outfit was the best or not, who made the photographer feel he was worthy of this prize. 

Note: The challenge winner didn't necessarily have to have best photo! 

Photo ranking by the judges votes:

1st place - Kevin
The judges loved loved his connection with the camera. They feel he have a Very demanding presence & great attitude. Pose was great, and modeling from head to toe. The only issue they had was his vest. It should have been pulled in the back to give his body more definition. If he bring his confidence level up a notch, the judges feel he could win this thing. Voted the best photo of the bunch. 

I personally agree with the judges.... Kevin is giving it to us here. if his vest was tighter this would have been a A+ photo to me... (also had a great set of film to choose his best photo from).

2nd Place - Terrence
The judges loved his expression, although some of the judges feel the pose was average, it worked for him. Giving him urban/sex appeal. Some of the judges felt his underwear was a issue (could have been removed, or pulled down)... Looks like he came to win. Can work on face diversity. 

I thought this photo was the best of the bunch. I couldn't find one thing about it I didn't like. I was truly impressed with his photo. But of course I have to respect my judges, and the way the votes fall into place.

3rd Pace - Aaron D.
The judges loved his personal style. They felt alot of thought was put into his look. Very masculine pose/boy next door. Could give stronger poses in the face, but over all nice photo.

I think Aaron's look was my favorite. I can actually see me wearing what he has on. (had the 2nd best set of film to choose from.)
4th Place - Baraka 

The judges had mixed feelings about this photo. Some thought it was great, but most felt like he lucked up on this shoot. Could have done more with his accessories, but left us with a completely flat photo. 

I kind of agree with the judges. But I actually felt this photo should have came in last place. There was no diversity in his film. I feel I will get this same look from him in each photo challenge, based on his film. Every photo looked exactly like this. I can tell he was nervous....I loved his outfit....Hopefully he can prove to the judges & me him continuing on was not a mistake. 

5th Place - Aaron Brown (Eliminated)
  Most of the judges felt he didn't take advantage of his look. Some felt it was trendy, but he was totally disconnected from the photographer. Felt he was a bit lost on set, and the photo is un -inviting.

I can tell Aaron was nervous during his shoot, by looking through his film. I would have liked to see him continue on in the competition. Although this photo was just OK to me, I think he had more potential. But his photo did not save him in this competition.  

Overall, I was proud of my guys for being good sports. They all made me really proud of them, and I can't wait to see what the top 4 will do with their next photo challenge.

Photographer: Dwight Berry for 2DPhotography

Challenge Winner chosen by the photographer was Kevin. 

Kevin will get a all expense paid shopping spree for a professional photo shoot provided by David E. Thomas. Check out some of David's work here: http://davidethomasphotography.com

Who's dTk photography's 2011 Model of the Year?????

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