Thursday, November 3, 2011

Update: dTk photography's 2011 Model Of The Year Competition: THE JUDGES

When I began this competition, I thought to myself I know I can't do this alone! LOL.... I said to myself who can I invite to come on board to help me with all these crazy decisions I have to make. And I thought to myself hmmmm, why not get the people involved who has helped me develop into the individual I am today. For the most part each of these Judges has helped me out in my photography career, one way or another. Some even made me a better model, and has truly taught me alot of things, and challenge me to be a better me when it comes to developing my business. So I think these guys can help out my "Top 5" and provide the same skills, critiques, and development I received from them. wink So here are my Judges! Through out this competition these Guys will help me figure out who will be dTk Photography's 2011 Model of the Year!

Dwight Berry - Up & Coming Photographer of 2D Photography

Dwight was the 1st person to teach me a few things when it came to photography. We actually was learning together. He was the leader & I was the follower lol.... We called our self 2DPhotography because of our names beginning with D's. He gave me my 1st camera once I decided to go out and create my own images & that's when I created dTk photography. To this date he still uses 2Dphotography as his logo name, and that's special to me, because it reminds me (every time I see it) of where I started. smile Also when I started out "TRYING" model lol... he also shot photos of me, and some of my 2009 blog banners for 

Some of his work:

Some photos he's shot of me when I was out there trying to model lol:

The 1st time I held a camera like this in my hands. Didn't know what I was doing. LOL... dTk photography wasn't even a thought yet.

Some of Dwight's work:

The winner of my competition will get a alter ego shoot with Dwight!

Emile Benjamin - Photographer

Emile, to me, has to be one of the best Photographers in the DMV area. His images WOW me. I totally love his work. Studio & outdoors. He has shot me before as well, and I must admit, I was the most disappointed in myself I've ever been. Hell I went from having hot photo after hot photo (with the same photographer), then I get in from of this wonderful photographer, and delivered nothing. I took alot away from that shoot, and learned so much about what I needed to do to make sure that I never do what I did in front of his lens again. LOL  smile

A photo he took of me:

 Some of his work:

Check out more here:

Calvin Lineberger - Photographer/Graphic Designer/Fashion Image Consultant

Calvin is a great friend, but he also was the 1st person to shoot a professional photo of me. When I saw my photos, some I didn't like, but it wasn't because of his photography. I realized if I wanted to take this modeling thing seriously I had alot of work to do, and I also had to get in shape. His photo shoot with me inspired me to keep up with my looks. Getting in from of a lens will pull out everything lol... I wish I had one of those old photos to show you guys the difference between a photo he shot of me back in 2006 compared to the ones below in 2011. LOL

I've shot Calvin for dTk photography.

Photos Calvin shot of me:

Brian Robinson - Executive Editor of Openfly Magazine

Brian will be featuring many up and coming talent in his new Magazine based in Baltimore City. I thought it was important to have him on board, since the winner will be featured in a interview with him. He has a great eye for talent. Website will be coming soon for Openfly Magazine. smile I've also shot Brian for dTk photography.

Follow Openfly Magazine here:!/OPENFLYMAG

Alfonce Reese: Photographer

Alfonce started doing photography when I took him under my wing, and trained him how to shoot. I wanted to create blog banners for my blog page, and each month we went out and shot photo after photo. As this continued, I got better as a model, and he got better as a photographer. It's safe for me to say, his eye for photography is identical to mines. Our model/photographer relationship is HOT!

I've also shot Alfonce for dTk photography.

Some of the images he has caught of me:

DemondMaurice: Model/Writer/Social Networking Star of The BouvierShow
Demond is the 1st model I shot when I did my dTk photography Debut. He has helped me grow as a photographer,and we've become a great duo when it comes to photographer/model. I know that Demond can deliver in & at any shoot I book him for. He's the "Muse" as he calls himself. LOL.... I trust his opinions when it come to my photo shoots with others as well. 

Some of his best dTK photography work: 

And... Finally Me: Deonte` T. Keller - Photographer/Model (sometimes LOL)/Blogger

I really don't need to say much other than, I'm the head judge. I know all 5 of my guys personally, and I know they have what it takes. They have all shot with me before & I expect them to give this thing their all. It's time for me to see who is dTK photography's Top Model of 2011. All I know is, it can only be one.... who's going to bring their A game, and who's going to let the prizes be snatch right from under their feet, along with the title. 
Let the games begin!!!!!!

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