Friday, August 26, 2011

Photo: "Hug Me, I Can't Make You Sick" by Kelvin Lamar Briggs

I came across this photo of one of my Facebook/Twitter friends Kelvin Lamar Briggs, and it really touched me. It truly bothers me, that our society is so closed minded to the existence of HIV. Alot of people are suffering, not from the HIV itself, but from the way people treat, and react to their situation. They live in fear, and it's time we all stop being ignorant to the fact that this thing exist, and the people that have it, are our brothers, sisters, friends, and family. Believe it or not, having HIV is not the end of the road for the people that carry it. I know people who is living with it, and they are in the best shapes (mentally & physically) of their lives. My dad told me a story that I want to share with you. He told me a buddy of his found out he had HIV about 30 years ago. He was teased, and picked on, and hated because of his status. 30 years later, guess who is still walking this earth? And guess who's still walking around enjoying their life with their family??? But Guess who's buried six feet in the ground (hopefully resting in peace)??? Think about it. The people you look down on, and the people you think you may outlive because your HIV negative, and they are positive, could possibly be the very ones attending YOUR funeral. Stop all the hate people!!!! Love one another. Uplift your fellow brothers & sisters. Stop treating our HIV positive people like they are some type of animal. We are all humans. Yes I understand the fear that may surround HIV, but get educated on it. There are tools, out here that can get you updated on the virus. Sometimes we think the HIV person is the one we should feel sorry for, but I think you should look in the mirror and feel sorry for yourself. Feel sorry, that you allow your ignorance to get in the way of getting to know some great people because of something your clearly are not educated on. Do yourself a favor, don't end up like the people in the story I shared before. Open your hearts & minds. And to Kelvin Lamar Briggs, I may not can hug you physically, but here is a hug from the other side of this computer, and know the day we meet to do your photo shoot (because your a great model) I will give you the biggest hug EVER!!!! Keep your head up, and I have nothing but love for you!! smile


.dfgj said...

Thank you so much Deonte! Doing my part and letting it be known and being an inspiration and major help to others. Those like me and even those who are not. This means a lot ! Stay blessed and keep up the awesome work you do! xoxo ^_^

thegayte-keeper said...


John K said...

Thanks for this post. It's also saddening to me that 30 years into the AIDS pandemic people still experiencing ostracism because they are living with HIV/AIDS. I'm old enough to member some of the worst days of the 1980s and early 1990s, when there was widespread ignorance about the causes of HIV/AIDS and its transmission, as well as the mass deaths it caused. In the late 1990s there was a concerted push to educate people of all ages, especially younger people, about HIV/AIDS, and it seemed to work. The ostracism, ignorance, fear, and negativity seemed to abate somewhat. So it's saddening that in 2011 this still goes on. I'm glad you've highlighted it. Please continue to school people your age and everyone you know about HIV/AIDS, and to urge them not to treat having HIV or being a PWA as a stigma. It isn't. We also need to educate folks about serotransmission and urge testing and better health. Those also unfortunately appear to have fallen off the map.

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