Thursday, August 11, 2011

Disrespect "Us" No they Won't

The other day I posted this on Facebook & Twitter:
 "Everyone is not going to like everything that you do. At some point all the GREATS had to be talked about in a positive & negative form. Now that I see that this is happening, I know I'm doing something right, I'm winning!" wink

I wrote this because, somehow on twitter some straight people was @-ing my twitter name, about my twitter Avatar at the time (the photo over here ---->). They were very disrespectful, and it took me back to reality on how much some people really do still hate gay people. They really didn't like my photo, and that I'm fine with. But to see the things being that was being said really through me for a loop. But @ the same time I then realize, this is how it all begins. When your on a path to greatness, the devil will try to throw some stuff in your way to slow you down. But not me, I'm knocking sh*t down, and coming through strong. Most people that follow my work, and has watched me grow as a artist, know I take risk, and basically do what the hell I want. Do I expect everyone to like, or get it NO!!! So with that being said, I stand by my photo, and I think it's a great one. For the simple fact that I'm a actor as well, I create characters for my shoots, so this was one of them for my dTk allstar shoot shot last month. (check it out here: I keep saying this, but lord I've changed sooo much since I was younger. Back in the day I would have put these folks on full blast! But why give them the publicity they gave me. Hell, now they all know who I am, what I do, and who dTk photography is. And because of this shoot, I received about 14 jobs. So, if in my new shoot I have to wear a damn wig & dress I will do it!!! LOL... but I will not focus on just the negative, because that same day, I received so many great comments about my photo on twitter & Facebook, that it shocked me:

"well I can't compete with the fierceness of  pic so....*hands crown*"
"'s avi . . . . . . . . . . .fuccn hot!"
", support true art. DTk Photography by nice pictures by the way."
" love the avi its so lady GaGa backup dancerish "
" You are slaying 'em with that avi! :)"
"Hey bro. YOSS for that new avi! Look how far ur photography has come. So PROUD "
" I like that twitcon"
"Omg!! This is HOT! Its like ur on the desert....LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION!!"
"Cruzh it..."
"You look amazing, Deonte Keller"
" in case you didn't know; your profile pic is BLAZIN' HOT! Get it! ;-)"

I must admit I did @ all 5 of those bitches with this message: "thanks guys for spending a moment out of your day to discuss & talk about me!!!! "

On a normal day, I'm a normal dude enjoying life. It's a shame we as gay people have to still find ways to not be bashed about who we are. The one thing I will say, I'm proud to be me, and for the Gay Community I will always represent!!!!  And to my dTk photography team, "Disrespect "Us" No they Won't!!!!!!" 

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