Tuesday, August 2, 2011

deonte` K's Spot New Blog Banner Photo/A dTk photography All Star photoshoot!!

The Banner Photo!!!! 

The All Star Shoot!!!!! 
Staring Star Brooks ..... (a bad ........ lol) 

Sean Evans (killing this pose) 

Demond Maurice (the very 1st dTk photography model..... still Steaming hot!!!)

Terrence Ford (you better pose!!!) 

 Taurean (HOTNESS)

Deonte` Keller (ME) 
Me & the boys!!! LOL

Back in June I wanted to create a new blog banner for my blog page. But I wanted to share the spotlight with some of my most consistent dTk photography Favs. It was really hard to pick from the bunch of people I've already worked with, but these models where hand picked by me personally, because they have proven to me, and themselves that they are dedicated to what I believe in, and everything that my dTk photography brand stands for. Each one of them has made the cover of all my photography pages, and have produced some of the best work dTk photography has to offer. This shoot meant alot to me because normally when I come up with ideas for a shoot for myself, I never really include anyone. Believe it or not, I can be very shy, and never really feel comfortable posing in front of people (other than my camera men) but I wanted to show my models that I practice everything I preach in my photoshoots with them. I lead by being an example of my own product, and everything I teach the people when I work with them, I live by, and produce myself. I love these guys very much, and I'm sooooo proud of them. For them to show up, and participate in this shoot with me meant everything. As I watched the cars pull up, I got very emotional. I was like "all these people are here to support me." Not just the models, but the photographers, and other crew members on the set. I can go on, and on about this, so I will just bring this to a close and say, thanks to everyone that supports dTk photography. These photos had no special strategy. This was more of a challenge for each of us. We were all provided with the tools, and information on what type of shoot this was going to be, and we were thrown together, to create a photo together (no matter how different our outfits looked). The goal was to "MAKE IT WORK".... so I present to you the very 1st "dTk photography allstar photoshoot." :) Enjoy........

Personal Thank Yous:

Demond: I ♥ you soooo much! Thanks sooooo much for being part of my big shoot! A lot of people may not know this, but you were the 1st model to debut my dTk photography company! (Remember my favorite black and white of you? Lol) ;) to see you out there with the rest of the guys really made me happy. To see me and you together modeling made me happy. Your a wonderful person & model. But more importantly, your a wonderful Friend. I love u!!!!!! :)

Sean: My little monster, what can I say about u... A LOT! Lmao.... but I will make this short..... Sean thank you soooo much for being in my life and for sharing this experience with me. We've been through a lot together, but it made us who we are today! Your one of my best friends and I will always love you. Through thick and thin I will always be here!!! Thanks for always holding me down and for having my back!!!

Taurean: Since the day we met on our 1st shoot together, you've been one of the most loyal models I've came across since I've started my dTk experience photo shoots. I love your passion for what u do, and ur dedication for ur art and craft. Thanks for everything..... your the best!!! :)

Terrence: Mr. Ford, thank you, thank you thank you sir for being on of my most consistent models. You've shown me nothing but love since day 1 and I truly appreciate that!!! Your a wonderful guy and thanks for sharing this experience with me!! You rock!! ;)

Star: If there's a Star in the house say whoa!!! Lmao..... hey babe, thanks soooo much!!! I'm thankful we've crossed paths. You are extremely hungry for your passion. When I look into your eyes, I see it. I love your hard work and I believe in you!!! You got big things ahead of you.... in our next lifetime boo.... tell them to give you a bigger name than Star, how about Sun, because you about to burn all these bitches down!!!! Lmao... love u pooh!! :)

Alfonce: What can I say about the old Fonce lmao..... ;) thanks soo much!!! It was great having you @ this photo shoot shooting me & my team. You've been there since day one, and your still kicking lol lol... Thanks so much. I love ya!! ;) 

Kevin: Kevin, your the newest addition to my dTk team, and I want to say thanks soooooo much for your hard work, and also for supporting me when needed. You support my dreams and stand by me proudly. I love you soooo much, and this is just the beginning babe. ;) Having you in my life is one of the best things that has ever happened to me!!! & I love you!!! (sidenote: you would have been in this shoot if you didn't shoot this, because you are also a dTk photography "Favs" model as well.) 

Calvin: Thank you soooo much for supporting buddy!!!! You are truly a great friend, and I love you dearly. Thanks for all your hard work on my photo shoot! ;)

Davon: Thanks Davon for being so professional, and making my shirt for my photo shoot. Your a great talent, and I love your work. Durrt Inc. is about to BLOW UP!!!!! LOL :) Love ya!!!!

Asia: I love you girl. Thanks for getting me that weird top!!!!! (people really don't know this, but you made that thing in 5 secs @ work in the bathroom out of some fishnet stockings LMAO) hell it worked lol... thanks babe girl... :)

Janet Jackson: yes the singer lmao.... thanks for kind of inspiring my look for this shoot. I was watching Janet - Live in Hawaii when I got my idea for this shoot. Some of the photo shoots that shot across the screen helped my come up with the idea of this shoot. :) 

Are you a dTk allstar????????????????????????????? :) .... lets get you certified for round 2!!!!! LOL :) Hugs everyone!!!!! Thanks again!!!!! 

Credits for the dTk photography allstar shoot:

Models:  Star Brooks, Terrence Ford, Demond Finney, Sean Evans, Taurean Harris, & Deonte` Keller.

Photographers: Alfonce Reese, & Kevin Entzminger Jr.

Location: Baltimore, MD 

Designers: Asia Quick, Davon Kane for Durrt Inc., Calvin Lineberger, & Deonte`Keller

Makeup: Deonte` Keller & Star Brooks

Hair: Deonte` Keller's Fade - Calvin Canon Clay Lee, Color: Asia Quick, and Deonte` Keller

Photoshoot directors: Calvin Lineberger, Alfonce Reese, Kevin Entzminger Jr., & Deonte` Keller

If you on my fackbook page, these photos actually tell a story under each photo.... :)


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