Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Movie Review: Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too?


This movie to me was very interesting. I loved how everything tied together from the 1st movie. Some of it I thought was over the top or too much. I can honestly say, I loved how part one ended, and was totally satisfied. I don't think there was a need for a part 2.

Janet Jackson acted her a** off in this movie though, I will say that. I was like OMG girl. Get it in!!!! LOL.... I loved her. Jill Scott too. She is so beautiful. Everyone else did a great job as well. I think everyones acting was really good.

Didn't like the ending though. It was a cool film like I said before, interesting. But I could have done without it. I recommend this movie I do. But it's not as good as the 1st one.


Rick Chat said...

I have not seen the movie yet. And one of my problems with not rushing out to see it was I hate when they make a part two or three or four, of a movie when there was no need to make one.
When the first picture was good on it's own. sometimes the add on movies take away from it. I still will see it, and your score of a B+ shows it's worth seeing.

speaking hypothetically said...

Yup indeed over the top and over dramatic...it just came off cramed and its like Tyler had to fit so much stuff into the movie i think your B+ is generous....but hey b/c its Janet i get it lol.

Jeff0418 said...

I agree its was just ok for me,but my girl, Tasha Smith did it for me again especially when she got the "dead woman" got poured all over her..LMAO!! And Janet did act her butt off...

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AJ said...

I didn't think it was over the top. All the acting was perfect (except Tyler). If fit all the characters' personalities. This was more interesting than the first, in my opinion. I didn't think Tyler could ever top that film until this one came along. Janet surprised the hell out of me. And that damn Tasha Smith did the damn thing, lol. Indeed, a whack cliche & predictable ending, seriously, but still overall a great film.

thegayte-keeper said...

Gonna see it this weekend..

Will said...

I agree. I enjoyed it overall, but like you, and everyone I talk to about it, the ending sucked. And I thought that the rich donor to the university at the end was a poor choice. I wish they could have found someone else. (I didn't say who it was so I son't spoil it for those who didn't see it yet). They could have found someone better.

I will say this though. They left some things unanswered. Their relationships seem to have unresolved issues. Maybe thats a sign that another sequel is in the future.

Acoustic Soul said...

Tyler tries to put TOO much into one movie.

I will say I did enjoy the movie. It had it's moments. The comedy was decent, and Ms. J. Jackson did her thing (eventhough I didn't really GET her defining scene).

People around me have taken this movie so literal. If I get another person asking me which character I am from the movie I am going to behead them!

Anonymous said...

another one i'll wait on.


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