Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Music: Ken Dahl "THE ADAHLCALYPSE"

The wait is over!!!!!!!!

Download my buddy Ken Dahl new album here.

Check out his site Kandyland here as well.


ZION`OLOGY said...

wow thats one good album but i was feeling the use of the auto-tone...anyway ken has such a good voice..he was fucking FIERCE.

Gamez- was okay...

Heavy- this shi was banging,he went hard on this one.

Cousin- hahahahahhahahahaha..that was one funny track...i couldnt stop laughing..i kept it on repeat.."omg i can`t believe i kissed my cousin,omg i can`t believe i did" u wrong for this one..:)

walk the plank- one of my favorites on the`s very catchy..."bitch walk the plank"...:)

lesser gorl- wasnt feeling it.

rocket-i looooooooooooovedd this one but i would it enjoyed it more wit less use of auto-tone.

moon- same with this one..

exposure- i love this one:)

u make me laugh- hawt beat...yawn on the vocals...

u flopped- i couldnt bear to listenin to this one

ur best(bonus tea)..the beat was fucking crazy..the hook is catchy as hell.


ZION`OLOGY said...


speaking hypothetically said...

yup yup...Hubba Hubba...*leaves*

Acoustic Soul said...

I love this dudes music. U have no idea how many club sets or parties he's gotten me dressed and in the mood for! Yessir!!

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