Sunday, October 18, 2009

Some Salon Lessons by Deonte`...........

1. Never get offended when someone doesn't want you to shampoo them.
(some chicks are just used to a certain stylist shampooing them, so when a fellow stylist ask you to wash the color or relaxer out of his or her clients hair, and they said NO, I will wait for them... then let the winch sit there, & let her head burn out. She just missed out on a good scalp massage that's all... especially if I'm doing it lol.)

2. Never let someone make you feel like you don't know your craft. It's a difference in corrective criticism & straight up disrespect.
(When your the new kid on the block, some folks like to make you feel like you don't know what your doing, so they try to embarrass you in the shop as if your some type of stranger to this business. And please I stress this..... don't take this type of behavior, especially from a queen, who don't even have their license yet!)

3. Never order takeout food along with everyone else.
(I refused to be forced to eat out everyday at a salon, because everyone else do it. I have a body I'm trying to keep up. Don't want to look like half of my co-workers... I'm sorry...)
4. Never get tied up in clicks.
(Everyone talks about everyone in a salon. It's just the way it is. So you won't see me in one group... I rotate, and talk to them all. Look them in all in the eye, and kill them with kindness.)

TO Be Continued............................................................

*Note* This is another pic from my tired day on the train, when I was sick lol.


Allan said...

AMEN to that, when I first started I used to get offended (you know how sensitive I am lol). But's whatever! And I'm like you, after I got my body back I refused to order what everyone else was ordering because most of those stylist are chunky and don't care lol.

deonte' k said...

Allan: Boy u are a fool lol... but it's so true boy! ;)

speaking hypothetically said...

lol this was a good Blog D and it was funny yet true.

Jeff0418 said...

Wow Deonte you hit the nail on the head and Ive never even worked in a salon, these are such universal truths more or less in the majority of work places...Great blob Sir

Acoustic Soul said...

well aren't you bossy!?

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