Monday, February 23, 2009

In Case You Missed It: Beyonce` performs with Hugh Jackman at OSCARS 2009/Fashion/Style: Beyonce` New Photos

I loved this performance. I so wanna see my Beyonce` do Broadway!!!! (if she ever considers doing it!)
And check out her "HOT" Photo shoot with Tony Duran

Do u like?

I LOVE IT!!!! It's B what's not to like LMAO!!!!


Jamar Herrod said...

The beauty of Beyonce! So lovely. The pics are bad. B always making a statement.

Allan said...


Jon said...

Get it B!!! Now thats how you give face and smile with your eyes!!

[jei.lamar] said...

I liked it but I don't think she should do Broadway.....that's just a personal opinion....but the photo shoot is HAWT!!

speaking hypothetically said...


JB said...

Weell..... The pics are cute...the performance is good... But,.....


Sorry if I'm offending the DIE HARD Beyonce Fans, but to me she's getting a little overrated now. I want to see less of her and more Mary J, Joss Stone, Jill Scott, Alicia Keys, Brandy, Fantasia, Jenn, India Arie, Ledesi, Jazmine, Mariah, Faith....ect.Maybe if she took a hiatus for a while, (stop hogging the spotlight) and came back, THEN I would be more accepting of her. Now don't get me wrong, she is ONE HELL OF A PERFORMER, but I think she need to go ghost for a min.

deonte' k said...

Jamar Herrod: Right... she is the truth! lol.

Allan: Indeed!

Jon: OK! LMAO!!!!

[jei.lamar]: HMPT!!!! LOL

speaking hypothetically: YES YES & ANOTHER YES LOL! ;)

JB: She just released and album lol.. why should she! It's not her fault they ask her to perform and do stuff lol.. It's not like she said call me not Mariah today lol... plus I love me some Brandy lol (shes my fav)... but all the other artist u named are out with albums, and if they could do the things she do then maybe they would be asked to do it lol. ;)

JB said...

I guess I'm gonna have to talk to the powers that be cause I know good and well the even Alicia keys, Britney, or even Christina can of pull off performances that she do. Oh and Tasia and Faith DON'T have RECENT albums out, but they ARE COMING!! he,he,he ^_^

Oh and um we need to have a SERIOUS TALK about your top 25. How you gone not have Disturbia and Ciara-Go Girl and Mariah's- Love You Long Time on the list??????

deonte' k said...

JB: I believe Alicia & Britney could too, but the didn't LMAO!!!! ;)

And u knew what I meant about the recent albums lol... I was talking about the chicks who have them out lol...

Honestly I wasn't into Disurbia like that until later lol.. I was not a fan of it. Then fell in love with it lol... and Ciara Go Girl was my sh*t lol... but that list was based on a years worth of songs lol... and that Mariah song so wouldn't have made it lol... Like i said in the blog I have a system that helps generate my list and I'm happy with it lmao!! HAHAHAHAHA ;)... why don't u tell me ur top 25???? ;)

BPS 3.0 : Dallas said...

Bee lipsynched and she has inflatable boobies.

LMAO!! Normally I would leave it there and walk away but it was a fun performance and I'm sure every one in the audience grunted through their teeth something like, "not this heffa again". But I feel like she is doing Broadway next. You know she wants the high four, Emmy-Grammy-Tony-Oscar. As for the pics, she must have taken these on her period cause she looks a little fuller and psycho looking. But it's a Beautiful Nightmare though.

deonte' k said...

BPS 3.0 : Dallas: Falls Out Laughing lol. :)... Leave my B Alone!!! ;)

JB said...

ok here's mine now this is a mix of R&B,Rap, and Inspiration(Gospel)
1.Jazmine-Bust Your Windows
2.MaryMary- Get Up
3.Keyshia- Playa Cards Right
4.Ciara-Go Girl
6.Ryan Leslie- Addicted
7.John L.-Green Light
8.Yung La- Ain't I
9.Jenn- Spotlight
10.Ledesi- It's Alright
12.Brandy- Departed
13.Kierra Sheard- Wave Your Banner
14.Jason Champion- Always
15.Dorinda Clark Cole- Take it Back
16.John P. Kee- Right Now Praise
17.Deitrick Haddon- Love Him Like
I Do.
18.MaryMary-God In Me
19.Beyonce- Single Ladies
20.Ashanti- The Way that I love U
21.Cherish- Killa
22.Ricky Dillard- One More Chance
23.Dorinda Clark Cole- Yesterday
24.Karen Clark Sheard- Take it
by Force
25.Karen Clark Sheard- Balm In Gilead

There ya go ^_^ ha ha ha!!!

deonte' k said...

JB: WOW I'm really impressed lol... Didn't think anyone else could do it LOL....

I like: #'s 1,4,5,9,12 (which made my list, and my fav artist of all time lol),19,20,& 21... the rest I gotta check out! ;)

Jon said...

Here is my list as well

1. Dwayne Woods- Let Go
2. Beyonce- I'd rather go blind
3. Janet Jackson- Come back to me
4. Donald Lawrence and Tri-City Singers- Encourage Yourself
5. Patti Labelle- A New Day
6. Mary J. Blige- Work In Progress
7. Anita Baker- Giving you the best that I got
8. Beyonce- Single Ladies
9. Keyshia Cole- Sent from heaven
10. Dr. Charles G. Hayes and the Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer- Take it to the lord in prayer
11. Dorinda Clark-Cole- I'm still here
12. Tony Terry- With You
13. Fantasia- When I see you
14. Jennifer Hudson- I am changing
15. Anita Baker- Same Ol' Love (365 Days of the week
16. Shirley Ceaser- You're next in line for a miracle
17. Luther Vandross and Gregory Hines- There's nothing better than love
18. Kurt Carr- God Blocked It
19. Kem- I can't stop loving you
20. Beyonce and Jamie Fox- When I first saw you
21. Beyonce- At Last
22. Daughtry- Home
23. Michael Jackson- Human Nature
24. Janet Jackson- Let's Wait A while
25. Janet Jackson- Control

deonte' k said...

Jon: I like #'s 2,6,8,13,& 14..... I'm impressed with u as well.. y'all doing it up with y'all top 25 songs lol. ;) thanks 4 sharing buddy... ;)

Acoustic Soul said...

I guess I'm the only one who doesn't care for the photo shoot.

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