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Deonte`s Top 25 Songs Of 2008 (Yeah It's Late But SO!) LMAO :)

For the last 2 years I posted my top 25 songs of the year on my old blog home over @ yahoo 360. Bloggers that followed me from there know what I'm talking about. When I did my 1st blog entry here about a year & some weeks ago, I never thought I would do it here, nor did I think so many folks would enjoy my top 5 songs a week so much. So with that being said I decided to post my top 25 songs of 2008. I have a system on my computer that I created that helps me keep up with all the songs I love & like. That system is also what I use to create my Top 5 song every week. So instead of me trying to explain it all I'm posting the link to my old blog page so you can see how I started/created this whole thing lol. Click here to see. It explains it all lmao! Also you can check out my top 25 songs from 2006 here & my top 25 songs from 2007 here. So here they are everyone. The top 25 songs that blasted through my Ipod; played extremely loud in my Dodge Charger; had me dancing my head off; I played over a 1,000 times; and had my friends saying turn it off, & etc. LOL. Enjoy!!!

25. Chanté Moore - Give Me Time
I love this song! Chanté Moore's voice is so beautiful on this track. Around the time this song came out I was really feeling someone who just couldn't see or understand how I was feeling about them. And I would ask them to listen to this song to kinda get the feel of what I was feeling inside. Then a few months later, I didn't know the the person I would actually end up with (the love of my life ) would actually enjoy this song as much as I did when I played it for him during our 1st date. Well he actually heard it 1st on my Myspace page along with a gang of others who really fell in love with this track like I did. But we played this song over, and over on our 1st date. Now I don't need to give him time to show him what he means to me, he just knows.

24. Usher feat. Young Jeezy - Love In This Club
When I 1st heard this song I used to dance my butt off to it lol. Something about it was really hot & sexy to me. Just wished his album was better than it was. But this song was hot!

23. Mariah Carey - Touch My Body
"Touch my body Put me on the floor Wrestle me around Play with me some more Touch my body Throw me on the bed I just wanna make you feel Like you never did Touch my body Let me wrap my thighs All around your waist Just a little taste"..... whew this song got me in alot of trouble lol. But it was a hot track. Even though some folks (Xem ) hated on Mariah during the time her album dropped. This song just always made me feel some type of way. I just had to hear it. It also scored Mariah another # 1 hit single on billboards top 100 songs.

22. Elliott Yamin - Take My Breath Away
This boy sings the hell out of this song! I love it! This is a very soulful track, and when this boy was on American Idol, I loved his voice. He can sing his a** off. So underrated. But this song really touches me. It's so beautiful.

21. Jennifer Hudson - For Real
This song was not on her album, but should have been. I love her voice on this track. These were the type of songs I kinda expected from her album. I love this! Sing Jennifer LOL.

20. Leona Lewis - Footprints In The Sand
This is a real powerful song. I love it so much. At the time this came out a good friend of mines was really down, and out. And I used to tell him listen to this. It truly expressed how I felt for him. I will always carry you when you need a friend. Still here for him when ever he needs me. Leona is a breath of fresh air with her album "Spirit." This girl sings like Whitney & Mariah used to do back in the day!

19. Alicia Keys - Tell You Something (Nana’s Reprise)
OMG! This song is so beautiful. I swear Alicia's CD was like therapy for me last year. I would run track with this song on repeat. I was so broken down around this time from some much death in my family, and things that has happen to me around that period of time or what not. And I made sure I let everyone that could hear my voice know what they meant to me, because life is so short. R.I.P Grandad & Shema. You guys are still missed very much.

18. Colbie Caillat - Battle
I Love this girl music. This song just does something to me. I like the story it tells. Her CD is just great.

17. Jennifer Hudson - Giving Myself
YES YES & YES to Jennifer for this song! I love it!!!! The best song on her album. When I was getting to know my babe this song was so dedicated to him. I use to hate letting go, and letting a person get close to me. Because every time I did, I always got my feelings hurt, but when I gave myself over to my babe, I never felt so much love, and happiness in my life with a partner. He was well worth the wait, and I'm so happy I can feel this way about someone again. He's the best! Jennifer sings how I feel about it!! Take the mic, and sing girl. LMAO!

16. Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love
Leona had everyone jamin' to this track last year. It even went to # one on billboard top 100 songs. Nice beat, and vocals one this track. She will definitely be around years to come.

15. Ken Dahl - Flawless
I love me some Ken Dahl. When I 1st heard his music I was so intrigued with his sound, beats, and lyrics that I instantly fell in love with his music. He's also a great buddy of mines, and I support his music to the fullest. This song will have your parties crunk, and everyone will be on their feet dancing. I know I lost alot of pounds working out to this track at the gym over the year. So thanks Ken LMAO. Get into Ken Dahl, because b**ch he's flawless. Check out his Myspace page @ Tell him Deonte` sent you lol.

14. Britney Spears - Toy Soldier
O when this track came out I was definitely feeling this way lol. I was on a new mission in my life, and wasn't dealing with anyone's crap anymore (relationship or friendship wise). People said I was mean, but I was just taking control of my life, and started to put it in the right direction. I love Britney for this comeback CD (Blackout). I personally think it was better than her "Circus" album. This was also a hot dance track last year.

13. Lindsay Lohan - Bossy
I love me some Lindsay lol. This was a nice song. I wished she would have released her album last year. Ne-Yo wrote this song, and I totally enjoyed it! LOL. Because I can be a lil' bossy at times lol.

12. Beyoncé - Kick Him Out
Even though this song didn't make her album. When it was leaked, I wore it out over the summer time lol. I love everything about this song. But it's Beyoncé , what's not to like lol.

11. Mary J. Blige- Stay Down
This was a hot Mary track off her even hotter album. She just takes me somewhere with this track. Staying down for & with someone you love is always a great thing. Sing it Mary.*arms up in the air* LOL.

10. Jazmine Sullivan - In Love with Another Man
This song is deep. I love her vocals. There is nothing you can do when a person is in love with someone else. And I think she breaks it down perfectly in this song.

9. Leona Lewis - Better In Time
This is such a beautiful song. When I was going through stuff this song helped push me on. Things always get better in time. Around this time last year my life was all messed up. But now I'm happy, and feeling great. Two thumbs up to this song.

8. Jennifer Hudson - Invisible
I can truly identify with this song. I used to feel Invisible to alot of things, and people @ one point. But that's all over now lol. Jennifer puts it down in this song. A very inspirational song. LOVE IT!

7. Mary J Blige - Work That
Yes Mary!!!! This song was like medicine to me. After I started feeling better & getting back on my grind last year after removing some much needed people from my life, this song was like my new years anthem. Working whatever you got to make it (and not in that way FREAKS LOL... I mean just being satisfied with what you have, happy enough with yourself, knowing GOD had a better plan for me in the near future). Keeping my head up & never going back to that old place I was. Learning some people will never be happy because they are not happy with themselves. Showing myself some much needed love.... Love this song!!!!

6. Brandy - Right Here (Departed)
MY WIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!! I was soooo happy when my girl came back out. This song is really hot! Brandy kills this song. The message is sooo beautiful. Her album is off the hook. I love her!!!! This album is so underated right now. I sear if you brought it you would be pleased with her growth. "Human" in stores now!!!!!

5. Natasha Bedingfield feat. Sean Kingston - Love Like This
OMG!!! This was my song!!!! I love Natasha's voice in on this track. It's raw and gritty. She draws me into this song. This song takes me to another world. Love is a beautiful thing. Especially if it gets you to sing this beautiful song.

4. Janet Jackson - Feedback
JANET brought it with this track!!!!!! I was dancing all over the place when this came out! LOL. I loved the video too. This chick was working the hell out of that ponytail for real for real. LOL. I was like you better get it Janet. HOT!!!!!!!!! Another song that helped me out in the gym this year lol.

3. Jennifer Hudson - All Dressed Up In Love
This song went perfect with the Sex & The City Soundtrack. I absolutely love Jennifer vocals on this track. It's a feel good song. And trust me love will make you holla like Jennifer on this track once you found it. Trust me I Know. "Love is the thing you know."

2. Colbie Caillat - Magic
Another beautiful song by Colbie Caillat. She is amazing. This song is so beautiful. Gives me a tingly sensation inside when I listen to it!

1. Colbie Caillat - Realize
I remember when I 1st heard this song it was on B. Scott's blog (the video), and instantly fell in love with it! I played this song everyday all day. It's so beautiful. I love the lyrics, and melody. She sings this song so smoothly. It's a very powerful song to me. Everything about it is perfect. I get really excited when I hear this. I had everyone on this song. I BLAST this song throughout the streets of Baltimore City like there was no tomorrow. LOL. THIS WAS MY FAVORITE SONG OF 2008! No song could have took this songs place. If you knew me, you knew this song lol. Let me sing a lil' bit of it for you... clears throat.... "Take time to realize, that I'm on ya side."... ok that's enough lol. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! THUMBS UP TO THIS TRACK, and and thanks to everyone who had something to do with making this song come to life. I has really been a joy, and still is, to listen to this song! Very moving, and inspirational.

OK everyone that's my top 25 songs of 2008... see you with my next top 25 songs next year, as my mom used to say if I live to see it. LOL. These days tomorrow is not promised to everyone. So that's why you have to make the best out of life, and enjoy it. Enjoy the list & remember, to download click on song titles.

We will continue with my Top 5 songs of the week on Thursdays. See ya then.

Listen to the entire playlist right here:

Deonte`s Top 25 Songs Of 2008


speaking hypothetically said...


deonte' k said...

speaking hypothetically: Thanks buddy!!!! ;)

BPS 3.0 : Dallas said...

Ok, you are my new best friend!! I love the list. I would do mine but people always end up asking me who more than half the people are. I can't even put them on my player because they don't have them. LOL!! But "Realize" is such a beautiful song though and a top for me on my list. My top song would be Sara Bareilles' "Gravity". It got me through a difficult time and when she hit the high note at the end. I would be baptized over and over.

deonte' k said...

BPS 3.0 : Dallas: LOL, hey best friend LOL ;)... I love Sara Bareilles CD... I bet I would know most of the songs you like lol... I'm such a music head lol. If U could I would love to see your top 25! :)

BPS 3.0 : Dallas said...

LOL!! Aiight but let me get it together though. It shouldn't take that long. I'll put mine in a post but not like yours though.

deonte' k said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!!! OK cool.. I will make sure I check it out OK!!!! ;)

O im excited LMAO!!!! :)

The Antonym said...

DUDE!!! I absolutley love your diverse taste in music. I see a couple that I love and some I never heard so thanks!!! Also you got me a lil choked up on your story about you and your bae on that Chante Moore cut (which I also love, by the way!)

deonte' k said...

The Antonym: Awwww thanks buddy!!!! :)

That Chante` Moore Song is the truth. And I appreciate your comment!!! :)

Jeff0418 said...

loving ya list have a lot of my fav's....

deonte' k said...

Jeff0418: thanks jeff! ;)

deonte' k said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BPS 3.0 : Dallas said...

You Get The Exclusive before everyone else:

My List of Favorite 2008 Songs:

1. Sara Bareilles – Gravity
2. Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown – No Air
3. Janet Jackson – Discipline
4. Dawn Richard – Strobe Light
5. Gentleman – Serenity
6. Adel – Chasing Pavements
7. Karmina – Walk You Home
8. Colbie Caillat – Realize
9. Brandy – True
10. Erykah Badu – Me
11. Estelle – So Much Out The Way
12. Darrius – Can’t Get Enough
13. Cassandra Wilson – Black Orpheus
14. Dwele – Feels So Good
15. Beyonce’ – Hello
16. Lalah Hathaway – Breathe
17. Jazmine Sullivan – In Love With Another Man
18. Noel Gourdin – Sorry
19. Mya – Let’s Go To War
20. Solange – Sandcastle Disco
21. Musiq – Sobeautiful
22. Ledisi - This Christmas (Could Be The One)
23. Rahsaan Patterson – Stars
24. Jon B. – Helpless Romantic
25. Leona Lewis – Better With Time

deonte' k said...

BPS 3.0 : Dallas: WOW!!!! I'm soo loving your list... see I told u I would know most of these folks lol... see we like some of the same stuff... ;) let me tell u the ones from your list that I really love:

1. Sara Bareilles – Gravity

2. Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown – No Air

3. Janet Jackson – Discipline

6. Adel – Chasing Pavements

8. Colbie Caillat – Realize my # 1 song of 2008 ;)

9. Brandy – True (OMG!! I LOVE THIS!!!)

15. Beyonce’ – Hello (U had me at hello.. yes B lol)

17. Jazmine Sullivan – In Love With Another Man

20. Solange – Sandcastle Disco

22. Ledisi - This Christmas (Could Be The One): My babe got me into her, and I love her Xmas CD!!!!

25. Leona Lewis – Better With Time (I love me some Leona boy lol)

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