Thursday, February 19, 2009

Deonte`s Top 5 Songs This Week

1. Beyonce - I'd Rather Go Blind (Beyonce` shoots back to #1 on my list this week! LOL)

2. Brandy - Fall

3. Yolanda Adams - Still I Rise (This song helped me get through the week. I love this song!!!!)

4. Keyshia Cole - Erotic

5. Brandy - True


I finally finished my top 25 songs of 2008. Yes I know it's late lol, but I will still be posting it over the weekend, and I challenge everyone else to do it too lol.. I guarantee you can't come up with 25 songs you liked over the year of 2008 lol.. ;)
if so wait until I post mines, and I will see.

So anyway here are my top 5 this week. The only song different on the list from last week is Yolanda Adams - Still I Rise.

What songs are you feeling right now, or what's in your top 5 rotation?


Q said...

Deonte, I'm loving that remix of "Rockin that thang" with Busta Rhymes and Juelz Santana. You also must download "Go Hard" remix with Jay Z...

BTW, I just checked out Keisha Cole's "Erotic". I like it. Thank you!

Acoustic Soul said...

1. Uncanny Alliance
I'm Beautiful Dammit

2. Debarge
Time Will Reveal

3> Uncanny Alliance
I got my education

4. Jungle Brothers
I'll House You

5. Salt-N-Pepa
Body Beautiful

deonte' k said...

Q: I will check those out today... thank u! ;)

Acoustic Soul: Looks like you took us back lol... What happend to Beyonce`? lol ;)

CutieTJ said...

1. Mario ft. Rihanna - Emergency Room

2. LeToya Luckett - Not Anymore

3. The Dream ft. Mariah - My Love

4. Lady Gaga - Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

5. Jennifer Hudson - If This Isn't Love


deonte' k said...

CutieTJ: Gotta check some of these out... thanks.. ;)

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