Thursday, February 12, 2009

Deonte`s Top 5 Songs This Week

1. Brandy - Fall (Brandy sings the hell out of this track. It's the album version. I LOVE IT!!!!!)

2. Beyonce - I'd Rather Go Blind (Still Jammin' to this track. Beyonce` is still killing this song for me lol.)

3. Keyshia Cole - Erotic (Keyshia gets real sexy with this song lol. I love it!!!!)

4. Brandy - True (This song is really deep. Listen to the words. Takes me to another world. I love it!)

5. Melody Thornton - Space (I love the message in this song)


What are some of your favorite song this week?????????????

Happy Thursday!!!! ;)


Anonymous said...


hey left you a date on myspace

deonte' k said...

Oyin: High 5 on that one LMAO!

Denisha said...

I love ur new pic!!

Denisha said...

My top 5

1. Gucci Mane- Bricks
2. Jennifer Hudson- You pulled me thru
3. Gucci Mane- What's trappin'
4. Soulja Boy- Turn my swagg on
5. Janet Jackson- I want you

You cam tell that I was hangin' with the youngins this past weekend.

thegayte-keeper said...

No J-Hud this week huh?

Allan said...

1. Giving Myself - J Hudson
2. If This Isn't Love - J Hudson
3. Lions, Tigers & Bears - Jazmine Sullivan
4. Make Me Over - Keyshia Cole
5. Never Ever - Ciara

Anonymous said...

hey you!! Fall as the albulm version is wayyyyyy better than the previous leaked one. You can hear her vocals better. And that's Melody from the pussy cat dolls! Must download that pronto!

deonte' k said...

Denisha: Thanks cuz ;)... and yes I can tell lol. ;)

thegayte-keeper: Not in my top 5 this week buddy! ;)... but she is my girl tho. ;)

Allan: I like ur lil' list Allan lol. ;)

Glo: She rocks with that song, and yes this Version of Brandy's "Fall" is way better. ;)

Allan said...

LOL whatever punk! Check the page!

slimm215 said...

Ok well i'm just gonna get to my top 5. Even though her Cd JUST came out my first song is like the only song i've been listening too since Tuesday so its now my top song.
1. Therapy - India Arie
2. I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
3. Anti Matter - N.E.R.D
4. If This Isn't Love - J Hud
5. Giving Myself - J Hud

Denisha said...

J-hud's Giving myself R&B version is way better than the pop version. I hope you guys heard the R&B version, because on her CD it has the pop version which is OK to me. Check it out if you haven't already :)

Allan said...

Denisha: I didn't know they had a pop version to that song, I might have to check that out too

deonte' k said...

Allan: Ok I will. And I'm not going to be to many more of ur punks ok LOL. ;)

slimm215: I only know 2 of your songs lol. ;)

Denisha: Girl u must got the bootleg version because I only heard it slow on her CD lol. ;)

BPS 3.0 : Dallas said...

OMG!! Another music lover. I'm glad I stopped through. Instant fan...

My Top 5
Keri Hilson: Turnin Me On
Ciara: Neva Eva
V: Melody
NYR: The Only One
India.Arie: Psalm 23 & Yellow

Acoustic Soul said...

1: Salt N Pepa
Body Beautiful

2: Uncanny Alliance
I'm Beautiful Dammit

3: Baltimore Club Music
Watch out for the big girl

4: Outthre Brothers
I wanna fuck you in the ass

5: Jungle Brothers
I'll House You

Denisha said...

@ Allan when I bought her cd from Best Buy it had the R&B version on it. Then a few months later a co-workernof mine bought me her CD for my birthday. It had the pop version on it. Check it out and let me know what you think :)

@Deonte no Hun I bought my womans cd when it first came out. (of course I had to download it a few days before it came out, because I couldn't wait LOL). The rule is to always buy Janet & J-hud's CD. ;-)

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