Monday, January 26, 2009

Who Is Keshia Chante`?

There has been alot of buzz going around about this young artist playing the late Aaliyah (my babe) in the upcoming Biopic about her life. Alot of you don't know who she is so I will tell you what I know. I remember her having one song called "Bad Boy" back in 2004. Plus a video, and that's it! I used to jam to this track. I kept hearing about this girl playing Aaliyah for a while now, and was thinking to myself, "Is that the Girl that sings Bad Boy????" So today I did my research, and sure enough it was. Of course I learned she had more than one song out, and that she's from & really popular in Canada. I know Meagan Good said in a old interview sometime back that she would love to play this part. But from the looks of it Keshia Chante` will be the one that will have us all reminiscing our girl Aaliyah. Can't wait for the movie to come out!

Check out Keshia's Video "Bad Boy":

Keshia Chante`- Bad Boy (Download Link)

(Keshia Chante`) for more info on Keshia Chante` click here. Check out her Myspace Page as well @

She even looks like Aaliyah a bit too!!!! What do you guys think?


Denisha said...

She sure do look like her...mmmm sexxi!! ;) I can't wait untl the movie hit the theater.

deonte' k said...

Denisha: Me either CuZ!!!!!!!! maybe we can go together ;)

Haven't been out with u in a sec.

[jei.lamar] said...

uhm now Deonte......u can have brandy but there's NO WAY that i'll let you stake claim to MY babe Aaliyah!!.....& I'm sooooo happy that they picked Keshia Chante because that dancer Destiny was NOT gonna work out....but I am sooooooooooo excited about the movie & Keshia does resemble/favor Aaliyah so I'm super stoked about this one...& remember Aaliyah is MINE!!! always have been..always will be lol

Cash S. said...
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Cash S. said...

When I first saw you her pic I was like HELL NAW, but now that I have taken a second glance she does have similar features to the late great Aaliyah.

I remember Meagan Good being on 106 and Park saying that she wanted to be involved in a project on Aaliyah's life story. Guess they passed on her.

I'm definitely looking forward to this! I loved me some Baby Girl. Even named my first car after her lol.

Denisha said...

I'm all for it cuzzz!! lol I can't wait :)

thegayte-keeper said...

yeah she does look like Aaliyah...I hope she does a good job with the role

Bombchell said...

i think she looks like Aaliyah, i heard ciara wanted to play her.

I think this might boost keshia like the selena movie did J.lo if she does a good job

Jeff0418 said...

She does look like Aaliyah...and I remeber this song too..Well I look forward to seeing her play the role . And I hope she does the rols some real justice...

ToddyEnglish said...

Whatever happened with this? I guess it was what it was...a rumor because it never materialized.
It's sad. I LOVED (still do) Aaliyah and I really believe that her life is worthy of a movie.
If Selena could get one RIGHT AFTER her death why not Aaliyah?
Anyway, I am so glad you still rep her Deonte. Too many people are starting to forget about her legacy.

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