Thursday, January 29, 2009

Deonte`s Top 5 Songs This Week!

2. Melody Thornton - Space

3. Beyonce - Trust In Me

4. Brandy - Piano Man

5. Rihanna feat. Chris Brown - Bad Girl

(Click on song titles to download)

These are the same songs from last week. Haven't heard any songs lately that can top these lol.

Any suggestions??

What songs are you feeling @ the moment?


slimm215 said...

omg well once again my favorite blog comes up and still i have no songs to call my top songs. I've just been listening to whatever comes across my ipod so nothing really stands out. don't really listen to the radio so i don't know any new music so i'm just out of the loop all together. well there is one song that comes to mind and thats "She's Gone" by Anthony Hamilton. ok so i'm done. not gonna write a book in the comment section. lata punk. o the word i have to type in to post my comment is BUSER. lol thats me. just thought that was interesting. lol

[jei.lamar] said...

1. Ryan Leslie- How It Was Suppose To Be

2. Bow Wow- Big Girls & i can't stand that lil boy btw

3. John Legend- Everybody Knows

4. MIMS- Move If Ya Wanna

5. The Dream-Rockin That Thang

Acoustic Soul said...

1 John Legend ft Brandy

2 Marvin Gaye
Give it up

3 Beyonce
I'd Rather Go Blind

4 Keyshia Cole
Make Me Over

5 T Funk
The Glamorous Life

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