Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year & Deonte` Top 5 Songs This Week


Hope everyone enjoyed their New Years Eve.

What did y'all do? Me, I went to church. Then spent time with my babe, and some friends. We watched some movies, ordered pizza, had some Champagne. Went home, and went to sleep lol.

And yes it's Thursday, so the top 5 songs in my life still has to be posted lol. So Here they are:

1. Beyonce - I'd Rather Go Blind (Beyonce` wears this song out!!! I don't care what anyone says.... I love her!!!! LOL)

Beyonce - Trust In Me (another one she wore Out for Cadillac Records Movie Soundtrack)

3. Beyoncé - Hello (Ok I know I'm Beyonce-ing y'all out, but these songs are the hottest right now lol)

4. Keri Hilson - Promise In The Dark (Sing it Kerii LMAO)

5. Anthony Hamilton - Her Heart (This song is sooo beautiful. I LOVE IT!)

(click on song titles to download)

So what are you feeling coming into the New year?

p.s. I know in my photo I need a shape up so leave me alone.. had a long week @ work lol.... & it's my 1st 2009 photo. I had just got back in the house from the gym.... working off that pizza from last night LMAO!!!!!

One more thing guys b4 I go..... who wants the be the 1st person I shoot in 2009???????? Hit me up! Here are some random pics I took of my babe on Christmas... He thinks he cute LOL!!!! ;)

Have a great day Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LudaKhris said...

I'd be all for the photo shoot if you wouldn't put "deonte' k" on all my pics lmao

deonte' k said...

Ludakhris: Lmao.... well that's part of the rules punk lmao!.... if I took them everyone will know Ok! Lmao!!!!

Q said...

Nice pics, and Beyonce does kill that song!

Anonymous said...

He thinks right.

And Beyonce does KILL in that song.

I wanna see you do a top 5 songs on Brandy's new CD. It's been the only thing allowed in my CD player from the day of its release to Christmas. But I got Sasha Fierce as a Christmas gift, and disc 2 has taken me hostage.

Hope the holidays were good to you...

TCeezy00 said...

Happy New Year!

Promiscuous X said...

Happy New Year D!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

dang...your new pic is hooottttt!!

*Im all ready, give me some advice on what I should wear for the pics

Sexxy Luv said...

hey hun, i love the pics of your boo! too cute!

if i was close i would let you shoot me...i wish i was close. (sad face) lol

Sexxy Luv said...

this song by Anthony Hamilton is the business!!!! just beautiful. :)

deonte' k said...

Q: I love it!!!! She continues to surprise me man.

Glo: Hey u I'm glad u found me again. Hope all is well. And U know for U I will personally do a Brandy "Human" top 5 songs OK! So here they go:

1. Torn Down

2. Long Distance

3. Piano Man

4. Fall

5. Right Here (Departed)

....and yes Sasha Fierce is killing it on that CD lol. ;)

TCeezy00 & Promiscuous X: Thanks guys. Happy New Year! ;)

Oyin: We Will work it out later ok... depends on the season. ;)

Sexxy Luv: I wish u were too ;)

and yes the Anthony song is the business... thanks 4 the pic comment too. :)

Acoustic Soul said...

My lil brotha be DOIN IT!

Mr. Jones said...

If you don't put some damn clothes on!!! LOL. Happy New Year, btw.

deonte' k said...

Acoustic Soul: y'all don't have the same parents LMAO!!! ;)

Mr. Jones: LMAO lol. thanks dude, happy new year. ;)

Denisha said...

Love the photo shoot is coming up in March...I want to bring in the Spring with a BANG!! lol


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