Friday, January 2, 2009

Album Review: Brandy - Human

Well everyone knows by now (if not, where you been lol) that Brandy is by far my favorite artist on this earth. I was so excited to learn she was releasing a album this year. I have to say I'm truly in love with this album. Her vocals are amazing. She continues to prove to me why she is the top artist in my life lol. I absolutely love this album. You can definitely tell she's grown as a artist. She has had a rough past few years, and in this album you can see what those experiences has done to or for her. She has put her heart & soul into this album. Some of my favorite tracks are (even thought I love them ALL) "The Definition" "Right Here (Departed)" "Piano Man" "Long Distance" "Human" & "Fall." Brandy definitely shines with this album, and should be getting the recognition it deserves. Go out and support this album & great artist. The one and only Brandy.


Sexxy Luv said...

my obsession with Bey won't allow me to give Brandy a chance. lol

i'm going to check this CD out just for you. lol

Brandy better thank your azz!

Sexxy Luv said...
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speaking hypothetically said...

dead@sexxy luv's comment lol...but yeah i love Brandys cd...the growth and muturity is apparenton this album.

Anonymous said...

yep yep loving it sho

Anonymous said...

forgot to tell you that Im rocking that Brandi on my page...long distance....

[jei.lamar] said... know how i feel about Brandy right?.....but i kinda like the's a nice lil comeback album

deonte' k said...

Sexxy Luv: Thanks babe girl lol. ;)

speaking hypothetically: I agree man. ;)

Oyin: Good, Good LOL

[jei.lamar]: Kinda like it? Boy u know u like it lol.

[jei.lamar] said...

lol, Deonte, Brandy gets a kinda from me...because I can only get through half of the album

Mr. Jones said...


Evangelist Elder Senior Founding Pastor Norwood was PREACHING to the masses on that one!!!!

Her music ALWAYS shits tho.

deonte' k said...

[jei.lamar]:*rolls eyes* LMAO

Mr. Jones: I agree lmao! ;)

Denisha said...

I am so sorry cuz, but I could not get into this CD. For you I will give it one more try.

Anonymous said...

Hey babes! Perfect freakin post!! You already know I’m a bit bias when it comes to my B-Rocka, but my top 5 favs for this album would be:

1. Piano Man
2. The Definition
3. Fall
4. Long Distance
5. Something’s Missing

I am just loving, loving, loving her new work. She has truly grown as an artist. The acapella song—alone shows that. No one else could have pulled that off with such grace and passion.

I stands for B-Rocka.

P-freakin-S -- Too bad her promotions people suck and she's not getting the sales she deserves, cause this albulm is really worth it. I bought 6 of them in December to give as Christmas gifts. You know I loves my girl!!

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