Thursday, December 11, 2008

Deonte`s Top 5 Songs This Week

Another Boring day in class lol, but anyway. Here are my top 5 songs this week!

1. Brandy - Torn Down

2. Keri Hilson - Promise In The Dark

3. Britney Spears - Mannequin

4. Beyonce - Trust In Me

Beyoncé - Hello

So what are your top 5 songs this week, or what's in you Ipod rotation?


Acoustic Soul said...

1) John Legend Ft Brandy
2) Janet Jackson
What about
3) Ledisi
4) QB Finest
Oochie Wally
5 Yolanda Adams

deonte' k said...

Acoustic Soul: Oochie Wally..... wow I haven't heard that in years lol...... then u got Yolanda Admas right afterwards lmao..... but that's the song!!! ;) love it.

Acoustic Soul said...

Deonté Kanye:
A mess, huh? I heard Oochie Wally earlier this week and gave me all kinds of flashbacks, so I had to rock it a few times since then.

And what's wrong with me wanting a little inspiration?? LOL

deonte' k said...

Acoustic Soul: FLASHBACKS hmmmm lmao.... I can see u dancing to it tho lmao.

And its not nothing wrong with the inspiration part of it, I was just imagining u dancing to it, and then snapping in to Yolanda Adams song. Lol

Denisha said...

1. Jennifer Hudson- We Gon' Fight
2. Kanye West- So Amazing
3. Janet Jackson- So Much Betta
4. Jennifer Hudson- If this isn't love
5. Jennifer Hudson- Giving Myself Over

How is da Cuzo?? I so like have 2 come 2 D.C sooooooon!! I miss my cuz!!

slimm215 said...

Yay my favorite blog time!!!! first let me say acoustic soul took me back to my CAU days with the oochie wally. me and my roommate played that song to death. so i will be downloading it TONIGHT!!! secondly i'm glad you like TRUST IN ME deonte' cause thats my shit. well the real version not beyonce. she can't sing etta songs. her voice is too pretty. etta got that hard gritty voice. ok now to the songs.
1 Paranoid - kanye
2 Amazing- kanye
3 Pop champagne- ron brows and them
4 Grimey- NORE
5 My Foolish Heart- jazmine

[jei.lamar] said...

1. 2pac-Thug Passion

2. Ghost Town Dj's- My Boo

3. Inoj- Love You Down

4. Tom Browne- Funkin for Jamaica

5. Luniz- I Got 5 On It

yea I know i kinda went back a lil but i'm throwing a 90's party, so i've been listening 2 music I normally listen 2 BUT these 5 songs been in heavy rotation

slimm215 said...

Wow Jei went back too. I GOT 5 ON IT was my shit as well. i loved that cd.

Redsnake said...

1. Say I - Jazmine Sullivan
2. India Arie - I am not my Hair Remix featuring Akon
3. J Hud - Giving Myself
4. Chrisette Michele - In This for You
5. Beyonce - Ego

That's my list this week. Its funny, i had no clue Brandy had a new CD. I better catch up. lol

BOY you know you can take a Pic!

Keith Jones said...

Beyonce- flaws and all
Janet Jackson- anytime
Usher- Here I Stand
Janet ft. Jay Z- Wishing on a Star
112- Cupid

speaking hypothetically said...

1. Speechless- Beyonce
2. Torn Down- Brandy
3. Part Of The List- Neyo
4. Paranoid- Kanye
5. The Definition- Brandy

deonte' k said...

Denisha: Miss u too cuz!!!

slimm215: Beyonce` Sings this song boy lol.

[jei.lamar]: yes MY BOO was my s**T!! lol

Redsnake: LOL thanks, and go get my girl cd!!!

Keith Jones: Love me some Janet!

speaking hypothetically: U got both of my girls on ur list!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

i must ask...who take the pics that you are in??

deonte' k said...

Kin'shar: I take me own pictures babe girl. ;)

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