Friday, November 28, 2008

Photo Spotlight feat. Renegade & Me

Me and Renegade.... in the yard!

I don't know if anyone remembers when I did my blog about me being sick a few weeks back, but on that same "sick weekend" I decided to go outside and play with my roommate dog, and guess what we took pictures LMAO. I was feeling so bad, but my buddy kept me company. I figured since I ran out of people to photograph I decide to feature my buddy Renegade in this weeks photo spotlight blog LOL. Here are some of his best shots HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Pose Ren Pose LMAO!!!!!

So after a long search to get more folks to photograph, I found two volunteers so far LOL. And their photo shoots have already been done as I type this. So up next is my buddy Jaquan.

And check out my last photo shoot with my boy Spencer here if you missed it.

Until next time..... Pose for the camera Click Click Click.....LMAO.... anyone wanna take my pictures LOL ;)

Happy Friday & Have a great safe Weekend! Tell You all about my Thanksgiving weekend next week. ;)


Xem VanAdams said...

D, Hey Babe! I WILL Admit that this is My 1st time visiting this week. HOWEVER, in my DEFENSE, You know I flew out of Cali, Unexpectedly to SURPRISE the fam.

Nonethless, as Usual, I LOVE your Photo Collection. WHO DO I have to SCREW around here to get a damn Puppy?!

I Here that Mr. Cannon had a Photo Shoot with you on his 30th Birthday. Im awaiting that Photo Spread, indeed.

Be Blessed My Dude. I HOPE that you will SQUEEZE Lil Ol Xem VanAdams into your 'SCHEDULE' when I return to INVADE Baltimore between December 20 and January 3. So Far, December 23rd is Still OPEN.

Get at Me. You are one of the few individuals who has ALL of My Contact Information; Public and Private.

Jeff0418 said...

Aww I'm soory to hear you weren't feeling well and I'm glad you are better now. Renegde is a beautiful Huskie...and his eyes are hot!!

Acoustic Soul said...

Nice pictures. They would have been better if he woulda ripped you head off and chewed it up.

D-Place said...

Like the pics. I'm not understanding why you don't have more people running to you to get their pictures done.

thegayte-keeper said...

those photos are simply beautiful

[jei.lamar] said...

lmao @ acoustic...he is 2 kinds of crazy!....but renegade is a beautiful dog with a gorgeous healthy mane.....u can tell the dog owners who don't feed their dog table scraps OH & BTW....

if you aint know I get my Nigel Barker/Jay Manuel on also SO i got you on the photoshoot but u don't have 2 pose down...I like candid shots & i always end up using my test pics as "the shot"

Scourned Woman said...

Great pictures and the dog is absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

clnmike said...

Great pics, the dog is very hansome.

deonte' k said...

Xem VanAdams: Boy u know u know I got time 4 u any day babe boy ;)... thanks... and yes Mr. Cannon did his thing man. ;)

Jeff0418: thanks buddy!!! ;)

Acoustic Soul: Shut the F up!!! How about u do that for a day or 2 huh? Chew on that! LOL

D-Place: True true... so when are we taking ur photos lol. ;)..thanks man.

thegayte-keeper: aww thanks buddy!

[jei.lamar]: he's not funny... don't entertain her lol... and I'm ready for my shoot lol. ;)

Scourned Woman: ur welcome and thanks alot. :)

clnmike: thanks man. :)

D-Place said...

Hey Deonte'K: You know I'm from MD so the next time I'm there I'm taking you up on your offer.

Thanks for the compliment and you know that good things are happening for you already!

ShawnQt said...

the dog is beautiful!
Oh yeah the owner to, lol.

LudaKhris said...

lol, you and these photo shoots lmao. Poor dog :(

Jamar Herrod said...


D.LavarJames said...

OMG, Your Dog is so CUTE!

deonte' k said...

D-Place: They are and thanks buddy, and ur extremely welcome. ;)

I will take pictures of you, just let me know. ;)

ShawnQt: LOL, thanks man. ;)

LudaKhris: Chris stop hating all ur life lmao. ;)

Jamar Herrod: thanks man I appreciate that! :)

D.LavarJames: :) thanks buddy. ;)

Mr. Jones said...

Awwwww @ that pooch. I love dogs. This makes me kinda miss mine. :-(

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