Friday, November 21, 2008

It's friday Y'all...... YaY

OK everyone. normally on Fridays I have a gang of things to say, but not today lol. I've had a long week, and I just want to say Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend! I have a few more hours left before I graduate from my Beauty School. So hopefully I will be celebrating that in the next month or so (YaY me lol). But before I go I wanna leave you with this:

My wife Brandy on the Cover of Jet Magazine.
I thinks she looks cute.
What about you guys? What do you think? (I know the haters will diss her so go ahead LMAO)

And One more thing. My babe decided to join blogger the other day so please go show him some love like you all do me.

The Voice of DemondMaurice
(click the above link to access his page)

Again have a great/safe Weekend. See you guys back here on Monday! ;)

......and feel free to tell me what you got planned this weekend if you like.
Me I'm not to sure yet. I know one of my best Friends is taking me, and my babe out to dinner to celebrate my new job today, and the rest of the weekend is up in the air. I do know most of it will be with my boo so, that's all folks LOL.


Denisha said...

Brandy looks good!! You and your 2 wives lol I guess Brandy is the H.B.I.C cuz you loved that girl since she first started in the TV & music biz. Once again, congrats on your new job.

This weekend(Saturday)I am spending it with Aunt Crock ;) You know that your mom is like a 2nd mom 2 me. We are going to have dinner and listen to her oldie but goodies and hopefully go to the "Malibu." lol

Then on Sunday Janet Jackson, J-hud and I are going to...syke cuz lol I am going to take Ursie to see Uncle Mark.

Enjoy your weekend Cuz and hopefuly I will see you soon. I love you!! ;)

Denisha said...

...oh yeah and should I say 1st? lol

ShawnQt said...


fuzzy said...

You have a great weekend as well man, I hit the blog up and it looks like i will be returning.

Brandy looks great in the pic to me! Go Head Hunny!!!

Mr. Jones said...

Brandy is soooo unique to me. I like her music a lot.

You're "babe" is a cutie.

speaking hypothetically said...


Acoustic Soul said...

It's a nice picture. She looks soft and delicate.

Darius T. Williams said...

Lord...I can't take reading ANOTHER blog. But because he's your baby, I'll give him a try.

He had better be good - lol!

deonte' k said...

Denisha: LOL ur crazy cuz, yes she is the H.B.I.C. (brandy)... and have fun with my momma and tell her hey!!!! (Even tho I just spoke to as as I type this lol) ;)

ShawnQt: Throw Up ur guards slim lol ;)

fuzzy: LoL, cool man thanks. ;)

Mr. Jones: Thanks buddy ;) lol

speaking hypothetically: That she is lol.

Acoustic Soul: Yes sir. ;)

Darius T. Williams: He is GREAT!!! ;)

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