Monday, November 24, 2008

Great Friends... Equal Great Weekends

This weekend was so fun for me. My baby took me to the Cirque Du Soleil this past Thursday @ the National Harbor and it was amazing. I loved it, and truly enjoyed it. He surprised me, and that's hard to do, because I'm nosy LoL. Y'all should go check it out. It's a great show!

Then on Friday one of my best friends & baby took me out to celebrate me getting a new job. (Lord knows I needed it LMAO). We went to the Cheesecake Factory, and yes the food was great. I can still taste it as I type this LoL. Here are some photos of our night out.

It was kind of dark so I tried to brighten them as best as I could. ;)

I love this picture!!!!! These two have really been the greatest! For the last two months I've been really going through alot, and I'm so thankful to have these guys in my corner. They have been very supportive, and helpful throughout this process. Love them to death. :)
So glad to finally get this photo of them together.

My baby didn't like his Cheesecake that much. LoL.... he said it was ok.

Me on the other hand..... I Loved mines LMAO!!!!!

I want to dedicate this song to the both of them because this is how they make me feel.... LOVED!!! ;)

Have a great week.... Hope you all had a great weekend...& if so what did you do????

Oh by the way thanks to everyone that come by my blog and comment. January will make it a year that I've been here on blogger. This will mark my 469th blog entry.... Wow... that's alot for less than a year huh???? LMAO.
And also, thanks to you guys that went over to my baby's page The Voice of DemondMaurice to show him some luv. That was very nice of you guys.
I decided to change my photo banner too.... wanted something that fit the time of year we are in right now (winter) with the cold weather. ..... anyway... I guess I've said enough... I'm out!! LOL ;)


Acoustic Soul said...

Can't nobody see all that dark blue writing on a black background! Get it together.

I love the Cheesecake Factory. LB better get it together. TAFKARD looks nice in those pictures. I'm glad you have a good support group.

. . . .and yes, the Cirque Du Soleil is a great show. I caught it when it was here.

deonte' k said...

B**ch I can see it ok... and u make me sick, because I had this set up to post this am from the weekend and when I saw it I was like damn that's dark lol... but you didn't have to say nothing I was going to brighten it up anyway lmao...

thanks 4 the other stuff u said tho ;) LOL

deonte' k said...

Acoustic Soul: happy now???????? LMAO

ShawnQt said...

Now I want to go now, lol.

deonte' k said...

ShawnQt: LOL its great right??? lol

Acoustic Soul said...

You wasn't gonna do a damn thing cuz when you saw it, you should have fixed the shyt then. But this is yo page. Do you homie! Tell TAFKARD I said "hi"

Sexxy Luv said...

lmao @ acoustic!

he made me forget what i was going to say! lol

let's see....

luv the new banner pic that's sexxy! :)

haven't been to the cheese cake factory in a a year!

dang a year already!?.....i don'teven have 100 post yet! lol

going to check out your "baby" page! :)

Cash S. said...

Which one is your baby? With our without the scarf?

Acoustic Soul said...

Cash S
His baby is the one with the scarf. How do I know?? Cuz he's my little brother. You know another way you could have found out. . . .by going to his blog. Deonte Kanye left the link ;)

[jei.lamar] said...

Cirque du soleil kinda spooks me out but that's just's a great show's great 2 have ppl around that you keep you grounded....and the BEST cheesecake frm there is the turtle'll put u in a diabetic coma but it's kinda worth it.....(lol i know that was a fat comment but...whayagonado?!?!)

Anonymous said...

If you were at the Harbour then you were sitting dam near in my living room. How did I miss the Jux kidding, glad that you two had fun.


Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - great time with yalls gay asses and them damn scarves - lol - but it looks like you guys had great times indeed!

*wrapping my scarf around me neck*


deonte' k said...

Acoustic Soul: U tell him hi ur damn self!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

And who are you to answer my blog questions lmao... Cash S. was asking me that ?, even tho I was going to say the same thing u did lmao. ;)... and what u mean LB get it together????????????

Sexxy Luv: Thanks babe girl ;)... and don't laugh at that fool lol.

Cash S.: Acoustic Soul decided to answer 4 me buddy lol.

[jei.lamar]: u were scared LMAO... and yes that turtle cheesecake sound wild LMAO.

Kin'shar: OK babe girl lol, got u next time ;)

Darius T. Williams: *wraps my scarf a sec time*

get into our scarfs babe boy, and join the club lmao... we ate our dinner in style lmao, plus it was cold lol. (our necks LMAO)

Acoustic Soul said...

LMAO @ Deonte Kanye wrapping his scarf for a second time.

deonte' k said...

Acoustic Soul: OK!!!! LMAO ;0

Anonymous said...

thanks sweetie

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