Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halle Berry Covers Esquire November 2008 Issue


Click here to see the entire photo shoot!



slimm215 said...

i'm a lil too lazy to click THERE but i'm in love with the cover. damn she looks good.

Deewan said...

That's what you call a "Sexified" Superstar.

deejuana83 said...

Yes Lawd!!! LOL

Darius T. Williams said...

We loves us some Halle...don't we?

Acoustic Soul said...

I'm sorry. I have to go against the grain on this one. This first picture is HORRIBLE! The hair is off, the pose is NOT flattering and she looks uncomfortable.

I liked the other pictures inside. She's sexy as hell, but every look ain't for everybody.

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deonte' k said...

Acoustic Soul: What I love about this pic is it's sorta a natural type of shoot for her. With the hair just hanging and so on. It's look like she just snapped pics of herself like I do around the house lol... For someone who just had a babe, I think she looks hot!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone else: I agree with u!!!!!! LOL

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