Thursday, October 2, 2008

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 11 Episode 5: Natural Beauty (Photos)

Last night's show was just OK to me. It wasn't all that exciting. But I did enjoy watching Clark get her ass sent home LoL. She just knew she was the sh*t because she took one hot photo last week. Get your a** outta here LoL. Here are the photos. The CW site is all screwed up today, but I found the photos somewhere else. Check them out:

To be honest. I didn't like this photo shoot idea. So I'm not really feeling any of these photos, so I don't have a favorite this week. :(


Cash S. said...

Hmm, I'm with you on this one. I'm not really feeling it.

Acoustic Soul said...

I like the 5th one down. Don't know their names

Bombchell said...

i never really watch ANTM but i caught most of this episode.

I loved the 60's theme though.

missed the ending so I'm not sure which disaster Clark was. but a lot of the girls were pretty

& that home schooled girl, Marjory? takes pretty pictures

[jei.lamar] said...

i didn't like the photoshoot BUT i did like the 60's mod style.....and I actually did like Samantha's photo because the water does actually look like a tidal wave....& is it just me or does Joslynn look like Ciara

deonte' k said...

Cash S.: Right!!!!!!!

Acoustic Soul: You like it because u wore that same outfit last week boy!!! LMAO!!!! ;)

Bombchell: Clark is the girl in the 3rd photo... and that other chick is just so nervous all the time LMAO!!!!! But she does photo well... and the theme is cool and they look ok, I'm just not feeling the pics!

[jei.lamar]: She does look like Ciara. ;)

speaking hypothetically said...


deonte' k said...

Speaking Hypothetically: Right lol. she thought she was the sh*t after last week! lol

antneya said...

Being A Magazine Owner..I LOVE the Artistic Direction of the Shoot..."attack of the 50 foot woman" it actually is very editorial....DAMN WHY DIDNT WE THINK OF THIS....SOMEONE IS GONNA GET FIRED...LOL

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