Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Photo Spotlight feat. ME LOL

OK, so Everyone and their mamma's know I love to take photos LoL. I take my camera everywhere I go. Friends & family always say to me, I walk around with that camera like it's a part of my body or something LoL. Not only do I take my own photos (Well 98% of them. I wish I had someone to photograph me more often, so I won't have to always give the arm up in the air pose, or have to set the camera up, and run to pose every ten seconds LoL.) I also like to photograph other people. One day I would like to get into photography and learn how to become a professional. I wanted to model when I was a teen, but obviously those days are over for me LoL. I love fashion, and anything that has something to do with it, whether it be photography, makeup, clothes or whatever. It may explain why I go to a Beauty School huh! LOL... I like to bring out the best in people, so that why I love Beauty School. So periodically I will post photos of people on my blog that I've taken. It could be photos of make up, hairstyles, or haircuts I've done for people. Or just plain Ole random photos. So I figured I would start with my own photos 1st. I'm old now y'all, but I still try lol. Most of these photos are from earlier this year, and taken with a cell phone. I never used my digital camera until one day I picked it up, and snapped a shoot of me with it. Every since then It's been attached to me LoL... I think one of my 1st photos I snapped with it, was the one with the scarf on below. So now that I utilize my digital came more, it allows me to experience photos in a different way, which is what I wanna show in my up coming blogs. But I still will snap a camera phone photo in a minute though LOL. All photos are really amateur, and I just take them for the fun of it.

Just Some Random photos of Me. (Nothing special. If any of you are on my Myspace page then you've seen some of these already.)

Believe it or not, I was sick with the flu in this photo this pass winter. That's why I look drunk! LoL

Looking crazy LoL

Chillin' in my car on my Lunch break.

Somebody told me I look like I'm posing for a Cologne ad in this photo LOL.

Chillin' after a much needed shower & haircut LoL

I did not mean to do this with my tongue I swear. I actually just playing with the scarf like I was chocking or something, and this was the result LMAO!

Trying to show my tattoo LoL

Believe it or not, I had mouth surgery in these photos with the jacket on. That why my mouth is a lil' swollen, other than the fact, I have a big head too LoL.

Trying to pose for the camera Click Click LoL

Chillin' on the bed.

Y'all probably remember this from my Six Flags blog post for this summer.

One of my most current photos to date. Also my current blog header photo.

So with all this being said, when can I take your photo????????? LOL ;)

*Note* I took some pictures @ the Mary J. Blige concert a few blog post back, and got a few questions about the type of camera I have. Here I'm holding it. It's A Fujifilm 7.3mega pixels 3x optical zoom anti-glare Large LCD camera. That's my babe right there LOL.

My friend Darrick will be featured in the next Photo Spotlight Blog. I'm so surprised he even let me photograph him. Only because he used to stay running from a camera, (Right Xem??? LOL). I guess I finally caught up with his butt. Stay tuned for his sexy photos. ;)


Acoustic Soul said...

Now you know you can't leave out the red socks!

deonte' k said...

Acoustic Soul: I can't believe you remember that pic boy lol.... they wore that out on 360 LMAO ;)

Acoustic Soul said...

Just put the muthafkka up!

**Off subject**Take this damn word verification off. LOL

deonte' k said...

Acoustic Soul: LMAO... who u cursing @???????????? LOL

slimm215 said...

I gotta wait like everybody else to see these darn pictures. Hmph. lol

Cash S. said...

Hot, hot, hot! Nice pics!

deonte' k said...

Acoustic Soul: I miss this part lastnight: "**Off subject**Take this damn word verification off. LOL"... in my best Effe voice..."Or What?"..."I didn't think so. LMAO!!!!!!

slimm215: that's right punk, and don't do it, because I showed you a few alreay OK LOL.

Cash S.: Thanks buddy ;)

Acoustic Soul said...

If you get em off the glass you might have caught that last night! You just scared of Bambi

deonte' k said...

Acoustic Soul: LMAO... F Bambi!!!!!

deonte' k said...

Acoustic Soul: Didn't u see her tho Z. Sitting her a** right on my blog LMAO lol.

Anonymous said...

So who's the NEXT subject for DEONTE' K PRESENTS BALTIMORE'S TOP MODEL??? Hmmmm....

deonte' k said...

Romey: Hmmmm could it be U!!!!!!!!!! lol ;)

deejuana83 said...

You're killing them with these pics cuz ;)

deonte' k said...

deejuana83: thanks cuz!!!!!!!! Ur next!!!!! ;)

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