Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Day @ Six Flags this Summer.....

This time with my family. We just went out for the day, and had a great time Sunday. We did the usual, laughed, ate, swam, & rode rides (well they did, as y'all all should know by now Deonte` don't do roller coasters lol.), and all that good stuff. I was a great day out with my family. Can't wait to do it again. Love you guys!!!! ;)

Now here are the photos: (They are going to kill me lol).... hey u come out with me your going to get photographed ok lol.

Sam, Shemeka, Aunt Pam, Rasheed, Nisha, Sassy and Champ

Me running my lips on the phone about something lol.
Mind Eraser

Shemeka, Sassy, Tweetie Bird, Aunt Pam & Champ

Sassy, Aunt Pam, & Me all wet from a boat ride.


Sassy, Aunt Pam, & Shemeka Craziness lol

Champ & Nisha

Me & My Cuz that I just love soooo much. (I so look like my dad in these two pictures lol)

Me & My Aunt Pam

Dramatic LMAO

Champ & Me
Me, Nisha, & Champ
My Lunch (my little cousin stealing a fry lol) I love cheese.

At the water park

Me Chillin'.... Yes I know I got a big ol head you don't need to tell me lol.

Tired & ready to go!
(Just in case you missed it)
Check out my day @ Six Flags on the 4th of July here.


Cash S. said...

Nice pics, looks like you all had a good time.

Is Sam single? He's cute :-)

deonte' k said...

Cash S.: We did buddy thanks. And as far as Sam, u must had missed the photo of him all huged up with my cousin, which is his boyfriend LMAO... so I guess he's not, sorry buddy lol ;)

slimm215 said...

great pictures punk. Loved them. Now i feel like i need to go back. cause i didn't get to get on all the rides i wanted to because the rain. lol see your ass was chillin wit the ipod. lol

[jei.lamar] said...

i just wanna say i LIVE for sassy she's giving me nothing but life in that 2nd pic @ the very top @ first I thought it was the choreographer Tanisha Scott....

Anonymous said...

Well damn. lol. you and that water park. nice pics. Champ is cute. :)

Mr. T. said...

Not a soul invited me, but I'm good. I'll wait till they build an indoor six flags cause it's hot as giraffe coochie right now...

Mckinley said...

aww look at momma pimp and my family.. very nice pictures

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