Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Day @ Six Flags on the 4th of July (2008)

I initially was going to do a blog in the beginning of the week titled "No one want me to GO! :(" lol... It was going to be call that because a few people I know, already went to theme parks this summer, and I never got an invite because........ well Deonte`don't ride no roller coasters y'all, so that's what I was told when it was explained to me why I was not asked to go lol. So I said cool.

Then I started thinking hey, I got a car, I got plenty of other friends that adore me whether I ride roller coaster or not, and would enjoy my company nevertheless. So me, and 4 good friends gassed up the Charger and headed for Six Flags On the 4th.

It started with me and my baby boy Derrick ;) lol... picking up my girls Arneisha & Alexis, and we were on our way!
Deonte` & Derrick
(All ready to go. One of the rules were to take a photo before you got in the car..... well as you see me and him are the only two who has photos lmao.... the girls were like whatever boy let me in this damn car lol.)

So from here I learned that my friend Alexis is scared of the Key Bridge. She ducked down in the car as I rode over the bridge.... yes I took pics lmao!

I reached right behind me with my camera phone, and snapped this. Then turned the camera around, and snapped a picture of the bridge lol..... Yes I snap everything to tell my stories lol.

So we finally arrive at the park. It was kinda crowded as far as parking so we had to walk for like forever lol. Everyone was trying to get on the little red bus as it road pass to take people to the park entrance, but we just opted to walk. We was not going to run over to that bus like hounds knocking each other over and stuff like those other folks were doing lol.

Derrick, Arneisha, & Alexis

Alexis, Deonte`, & Arneisha

From there "they" decided to get on this swinging boat that I refused to get on lol. So I then started my duty as the bag holder lmao.

(Shakes head) Could Not be me lol

Then from there we got on some boat ride, which I told them no I was not getting on @ 1st, well they convinced me. Only because this one was a water ride.

I'm thinking to myself (while taking this picture) these muther fer's got me in line getting ready to get on a ride lmao.

I must have fussed so much on this ride, that they wanted to take pictures of me afterwards in front of it lol. They laugh @ me so damn hard the entire ride lol.

Then we headed to Gotham City where we ran into some Fashion NO NO's & some OH Hell NO NO..... NO'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO, now I didn't take pictures of everything because I didn't want put some people out there like that. And I did wanna keep my camera lol.

Derrick's Joker Jinx cart. He's on the other side all alone. (maybe I should have been on there with him huh?) HELL NO lol

I took theses pictures of the Superman ride while waiting on them to get off the Joker Jinx, and I was like, look at that. There is no way Deonte` will ever ride that. NEVER!!!!!!!!

Derrick after the the Joker Jinx ride lol. (He really was laughing at someone right here though)

We got on some other water ride were like six people shared this big round boat thing. Something called the penguin something or whatever it was called. But anyway this guy with the worst feet in the park, was on the water ride with us, and his feet looked a mess. Arneisha said they touched her in the boat thingy that we were all sharing, and I was in that thing dying laying, until the ride dropped down into the water lol.

The worst feet in the park award goes to this dude right here! (A hot freaking mess). Look at that mess. If I was Arneisha and those things would have touched me on the ride, I would have died. There is no way he is getting in someones bed at night with those. It's not possible. After the ride you would think that the water would have took away some of that ash..... Not at all. They instantly crusted back up lmao.

Why do people were socks with water shoes???????

Alexis snapping her camera in my big a** face lmao!

So after that it starts to rain, so we head over the water park. This is the part I have been waiting for all day lol.

Some pictures with the cartoon folks lol:

Tweeties head was so damn big it was touching mines.

Bugs tried it with having a park worker tell us he's not taking pics.

Alexis and Bugs Bunny LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She got her photo lol.

Derrick's 1st attempt to win me something.

and he lost lmao.

A few pictures before we got closer to the water.

Some pictures of us after & during the water slides. (Derrick didn't do any lol) That one blue and yellow water slide was crazy!!!

This is what happens when no one can't decide what we are doing next. One going this way the other just standing there, and one trying to beat the snap of my camara lol.

Us waiting for the Hurricane Bay to open back up:

This water is cold lol.

Us walking out the water like we just came from a mission lmao.

Me cold as hell lmao. (teeth chattering and all lol)

Derrick's second attempt to win Deonte` something and, Yes... he sure did. (Claps lol) After like 2 or 3 tries though lol.... I was not leaving that park until he got me something..... Thanks punk ;)

Dang your hat all on my eye lol.... I Like this pic. Isen't Derrick cute lol. Alexis wanted his eyes so damn bad lol.

Me and Derrick again with my new teddy bear lmao.

Me holding my Teddy. (See Derrick loves me lol)

Finally, funnel cake!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao... this was soooo good. We ate our funnel cakes on the long walk to the car lol.

Alexis got her ass up on my car lol.

Now the exhausted man must take everyone home lol.

This has been one of the most fun events of my summer so far. I truly enjoyed myself. Arneisha, Alexis, and my Derrick really made my 4th of July a blast. I love you guys and hope to do this again sometime.

Shout Out to Chris for the hookup lmao ;)


slimm215 said...

OMG boy this blog is long as hell with like a thousand pictures. lol I see why it was so damn hard to get this thing up. I must say though you did a great job on recapping our crazy ass day. it was a great day we had. glad you had fun. those pictures i took look great too. just so evrybody know a lot of those shots were taken by yours truely lol

[jei.lamar] said...

oooooooooooooo that superman ride looks SUPER fun!!! the one in texas is boring it just shoots u up in the air like you flying...I wanna go loop de loop!'s good to see yall had fun my 2 female friends think they too cute to do something like that ESPECIALLY if it involves them getting their hair wet

Mr. Jones said...

Looks like you all had fun. Isn't having good friends one of the best feelings in the world?

Prince Xem VanAdams-Lumumba said...

You KNOW that I am Sooo in LOVE LUV LOVE with this Post!

Oh Em Gee! D...You and I should SOOO Go into a Joint, Blogging Business!

The Photos are AMAZING and Your Captions of Details are evn MORE Incredible.
I Cant even BEGIN to Tell U how HANDSOME You and My Darrick Look 2gether.


Allan said...

I see you had crazy fun

deonte' k said...

slimm215: don't be promoting yourself here sir lol... but yes u did do a wonderful job... proud of you lol. ;)... we did have fun, and thanks alot for coming. :)

[jei.lamar]: well my girls were down for the ride lmao ;).... that superman looks crazy lol.

Prince Xem VanAdams-Lumumba: Xem you sure know how to make a guy smile lol... thanks man. That joint Blogging Business sounds hot! We would rock! ;)

Allan: we did... and for the record my legs weren't ashy punk lol... my legs were just pale from not having any sun exposer to them so there!!!!!! (sticks out tongue) lmao ;).... I had on Jergens non scented lotion ok!!!!! ha ha ha!

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