Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES LAWD!!!! LOL

OK so it's Friday again everybody. It's been a rough long draining week for me, but I'm glad it's over. There are a few things I wanna mention, and discuss today. So here it goes.

1st up, who's going to the movies this weekend to support my Favorite actress Jada Pinkett-Smith in her new Movie "The Women" with my baby Eva Mendes, Meg Ryan, Annette Bening, and every ones girl from "Will and Grace", Debra Messing. Lynn Whitfield even makes a appearance in this film. I will be there!!!!!!!!!!

And I also will be going to see "Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys"staring Alfre Woodard, Sanaa Lathan, Rockmond Dunbar, Taraji P. Henson, Robin Givens, Tyler Perry, and Kathy Bates.

Yes this weekend will be full of fun, and I also get to see & spend time with someone special. ;)

Get to see my momma too... I miss and love her so much.... Look at me, her and my baby brother earlier this summer. :)

Also I created a flicker account. I love taking photos so you can check some of them out. I will be posting the link on my page somewhere so you can go look at them anytime you want. This is for the non Myspace having people that can't see my photos lol... (Z) lol.... I will be adding more later next week.

Last weekend I went to the 23rd Annual National Council of Negro Women's Black Family Reunion Celebration and saw Fantasia sing, and she killed it! I got a couple of shots!

Do anyone remember this song & Video? LOL

Ghost Town DJ's - My Boo (Download link)

I used to play the hell out this song @ cook outs lol.... those were the days I tell you.

Last but not least I want y'all to all go show my boy some love over @ his page Siryellowbone. If you wanna see a lil' eye candy or look @ some interesting photos, his page is the place to go. Leave him some comments and show him some love. ;)

Have a wonderful weekend, and see you all back here on Monday lol.... oh by the way yesterday I posted a blog saying I was posting my last 5 top songs of the week blog, some folks weren't having that so I decided not to stop!!!!!!!!!!! So the Deonte` k's top 5 songs of the week blogs will still be in affect. LOL... after getting fussed out a couple of times here, and there I couldn't go through with not doing it. So I shall continue to do so lol.

Again, HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

**UPDATE!!!! 9/16/08**
I decided to scratch the whole flicker account thing do to personal reasons. Thanks for reading. ;)


Cash S. said...

You definitely take some nice pics. It doesn't hurt that you're a cutie too lol.

deonte' k said...

Cash S.: You got me all Cheesing this morning lol.... thanks buddy. ;)

Anonymous said...

HELL YEAH I REMEMBER THAT SONG......wait you trying to tell my

how are you?

Anonymous said...

oh and nice pics!!

deonte' k said...

Kin'shar: LMAO.... we getting up their aren't we lol... im great thanks, hope u are too... and thanks for the photo comment. ;)

[jei.lamar] said...

YES LAWD, TGIF!!!!!! me & my friends are going 2 see those 2 movies and i'm going alone :( saturday 2 see Burn After Reading.......and awww u such the mama's boy, I am too tho :D....& uhm i LOVED that song...that's the ONLY song that got me out in the rink when we used 2 go skating....have fun this weekend, great 2 see you happy!!!

deonte' k said...

[jei.lamar]: thanks buddy and YES im a mommas boy all day long lol ;)

thegayte-keeper said...


deonte' k said...

thegayte-keeper: Thanks buddy!!!! ;)

Acoustic Soul said...

Better late then never. . . .TGIF pally!

deonte' k said...

Acoustic Soul: Rolls eyes LMAO!!!!!

Sexxy Luv said...

can we say happy tuesday?

i love these pictures of you!

how was the movies can we get a review?...

LudaKhris said...

OMG I love that "My Boo" song, its actually on my ipod. I feel so damn old!

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