Thursday, September 11, 2008

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 11 Episode 2: The Ladder of Model Success (Photos)

Well here is episode 2 photos y'all. What do y'all think? And did y'all see that chick push Isis??? I was about to grab my blade lol... I respect the fact she's being calm and collective about the situations in the house, and how they are acting towards her, but she needs to start checking those chicks or I'm going to have to go up there, and do it for her lol. And what in the world was most of them doing with those pocket book poses?????????? LOL



What's going on babe girl???????

Not really sold on this one.

It's OK! (Why was it important if her breast were fake???????)

It's OK. But I know she can do better I can feel it.

Joslyn is doing it for me y'all... Another week with a hot photo.... this is my pick of the week. The best of the bunch... AGAIN!!!!

She worked it out. I like.... the judges pick this as the best photo of the bunch. Do you agree???

Not really feeling it!

It's OK. Nothing special.

Not feeling it!

Pretty. Could have been better.

Don't like her lol... and the pic is not all that.

This hot.... I like it.

I don't like her either, and this photo sucks lol. Push Isis again here!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


speaking hypothetically said...

This last episode was comical to me from Hannah pushing Isis(hard i might add to Sheena placing that purse in front of her crotch thinking its fashion forward.I had no idea how thin Nykesha was until lastnight(wow). Elina's pic was awesome i do agree D...Now if Isis will get her sh!t together...Cant wait for Next Week HAIRCUTS!!!!

P.S.:Isis shoulda whupped Hannahs ass cause that push was nasty!

deonte' k said...

speaking hypothetically: Can't waith either... and yes Isis should have whipped that a**... but i know she's trying to keep it cute, but she better get em' LMAO!!!!

Cash S. said...

Thank goodness for your updates lol. Please keep doing them. It doesn't look like I'll be seeing much of this season :-(

deonte' k said...

Cash S.: Aww I won't buddy... U know you can watch them on my page right... If you missed the 1st episodes, go to my last ANTM post and watch it there.... I will try to find this episode later today and post it, so u can see it ok... there is no reason u can't or wont get to see it ok. ;)

Acoustic Soul said...

Isis just needs to keep doing what she's doing. Lawd knows if she wore one of them out, her stint would be ova!

She needs to step up her game with her photos and at panel. I think she's so used to giving day fish, she forgets she can let go and be herself at juding.

deonte' k said...

Acoustic Soul: LMAO. your stupid boy.. "day fish" ha ha ha ha

Acoustic Soul said...

deonte, Don't make me hit you wit my pocketbook! LMAO!!!!

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