Friday, August 8, 2008

Monica's Reality tv show "The Single" (1st episode)

I mentioned last week sometime that Monica has a new reality TV show titled “The Single.” Which premiered on ATL’s Peachtree TV on August 5th. Well alot of us don't have that channel, and as promised, I said I would share it if I could find it online somewhere with others that are interested in watching it. So click the link to watch the 1st episode. I have not had the chance to watch it myself yet, but will do so over the weekend when I have the time.

Click here to watch



Sexxy Luv said...

just came from watching the show but i don't think that is the whole 30 minutes! i'm pissed that they didn't show it all!

i have always respected her as a woman and an artist, her new album is a must buy just like the rest were! :)

deonte' k said...

Sexxy Luv: ur welcome. ;)

I think u have play it in parts. I'm not sure, but I think the others were listed on the right side of the video. I can't tell at the moment, because I'm at work, and I can't view videos online here. But I'm going home on my lunch break, and will check it out, because I will be PISSED too if they didn't show the intire show lol... I love Monica too. All of her albums are hot, and definitely a must have. ;)

deonte' k said...

Sexxy Luv: (Update) I just checked it out... it's broken up into six parts on the right side of the video.... each one is like 6 mins long.... so check out the show, and enjoy! ;)

AcousticSoul said...

Thank you, thank you thank you for posting this! I absolutely love Monica.

How come she feels her last CD was a let down? In MY opinion that was one of her best bodys of work in a long time.

Bryan Michael Cox is everywhere. Pretty soon he can have his own reality show. LOL

uh . . .I didn't know she was married to Rocko (am I slow?).

LMAO @ Fast enough for the clubs but slow enough that she ain't gotta dance in the video!

I ain't new to this I'm true to this.. Monica be going off!

I don't think Luda added anything to the song. I think it's better without it.

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