Sunday, July 13, 2008

Movie Reviews: Journey to the Center of the Earth & Meet Dave

This weekend movie choices were quite interesting. I really didn't expect too much from either film, but I will just share my thoughts on them anyway lol.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

I actually thought this movie was kinda funny. It was very entertaining and very adventurous. Brendan Fraser, and the crew did a cool job. It just seemed to me that, the movie just came on and went right back off. It was something I really could have caught on TV, but the company I had made it worth the 15 minute rush to the Landmark Theater downtown (which I love). We had no prior plans to see this movie. It just happened lol. So if like Dinosaurs, and treasure finding movies, this one is for you lol.

Meet Dave

This movie got no publicity @ all. I knew it was coming out this summer, but wasn't sure when. I learned it was releasing on Friday like Wednesday of last week. I saw a commercial for it once, then heard it on the radio. I didn't even know my girl Gabrielle Union was even staring in this film with Eddie Murphy until my friend Sean told me.

Anyway, I thought this movie was funny lol. The storyline was a little weak, but I had me dying laughing @ times. Gabrielle Union looked hot in this movie. It was a cool film, and I fairly enjoyed it. The reviews on this movie were really bad, and I expected that, but hey It was kinda cool watching Eddie play an alien from outta space lol. So check it out if you like. I'm not going to say whether you should go see it, or not. Make that choice yourself lol.

I got a question. Does Eddie Murphy ever age? LOL.... now I know he has since the "Beverly Hills Cop" & the "Boomerang" days, but he still looks like he did back when "Nutty Professor" came out, if not, better lol.


slimm215 said...

well since you've already seen Meet Dave i probably won't go and see it now. Journey... was a pretty good movie. You know i enjoy geeky stuff like that. That bird said KICK ROCKS at the end of the movie. lol

Darius T. Williams said...

Ha - when you're as rich as Eddie Murphy is you don't have to age - lol.

I'm soooo behind on movies. The last movie I saw was 21 - that black jack movie. Yea, bruh, I'm behind.

[jei.lamar] said...

I haven't seen the journey movie & i'm not really a Brendan Fraser fan....but uhm Meet Dave, It was OKAY & there were some funny parts in it but I could help but think that dave reminded me of the character murphy played in Bowfinger

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