Sunday, July 13, 2008

It Takes Two

I was just sitting here thinking about how alot of people always complain about how they can't find the certain type of guys or girls that they want to date in today's world. But I'm learning that (not always, but most of the time) it's the people that do the complaining. They want, want, & want, but never WANT to give anything. I always hear, I want "YOU" to take me to dinner, I want "YOU" to take me to a movie, or I want "YOU" to come pick me up so "YOU" can take me out. I'm like sh*t what about my a**. Why can't "YOU" do the same things. It can get a little irritating hearing that all day from people, you feel me. Just like with phone calls or text messages. It kills me when I get a call or text saying, why having you called me or text me in a while. I'm like huh?????? Uhmmm don't the phone work both ways????? These type of things truly keeps me not interested in people that try to pursue something with me no matter what type of relationship it my be. So people remember when it comes to trying to pursue someone "IT TAKES TWO" to make it work, and it's not "All About You, You, You."

Now I'm off to the movies to go see "Meet Dave." My 4TH movie alone ever in life lol. It's cool though. Based on what I wrote above, I rather lol. See most of my good friends are busy today, and maybe if some people didn't act up at times they could be sitting next to me eating popcorn, and having a good time LMAO. Instead I rather leave you with this song from one of my favorite movies last year "Hairspray" and hopefully you can learn something. Now I'm going to take MYSELF to the movies in MY RIDE, and buy My own movie ticket, and popcorn an eat it all by MYSELF!!!!!!!!! So "YOU" can kick rocks LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


slimm215 said...

LOL first of all i see your page got a makeover. Nice new picture sir. Next thing, "kick rocks" lmao. Had me dying laughing. I agree with you all the way though. It really does take two to make ANY kind of relationship work. Be it friendship or dating or anything else. now i'm gonna have to read about the movie here on the blogspot huh? lol get at you lata punk.

deonte' k said...

slimm215: yes the movie blog is next lol.... kick rocks, i get that from Zechariah lol... he wears that out, and it just fit well with what I was writing lol. ;)

Promiscuous X said...

Dam you sexy ass hell my nig lol.

I know that has nothing to do with your post but just had to out that out there lol.

But yea I dont plan on seeing none of this movies and you gave them a C so im really not interested

Prince Xem VanAdams-Lumumba said...

Umm...Your Photo Seems to be Creating Quite the Controversy!

deejuana83 said...

I use to sleep on the top bunk lol I love how Aunt Crock kept that room up.

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