Thursday, July 31, 2008

deonte' k's Top 5 Songs This Week

dEoNtE` k's TOP 5 sOnGs this week!

1. Leona Lewis - I Will Be

This song is just so powerful to me. I love the passion she puts into this song. My friend Derrick said to me " I just don't get what your fascination is with her." I will simply put it like this. She is one of the best singers to come along in a while, and every song of hers tell a story. They all take me to different places. Leona Lewis CD is a masterpiece in my opinion. (Zechariah, forget you lol.)

2. Cherish - Love Sick (HOT SONG!!!!)

This song is the truth! You have to really get into the lyrics. They are really deep. I got a question. How many times have you wished this kind of pain on an ex? LOL

3. Katy Perry - Mannequin

1st I have to thank [jei.lamar] for telling me about this girl. I love this song. Her tone sorta reminds me of Pink's a little. This song is so damn true. It's fits how I feel some days. LOL.

4. Brandy - List

GET READY!!!!! My girl is coming with her new album soon. I heard it's dropping this fall. (I'm READY!) My favorite quote from this track is "1st of all I'm the bomb, boy look around is ya dumb." LMAO.... get em Brandy! ;)

5. Ken Doll - BoiKandi (feat. Siiren)

Yes Ken Doll is still hanging in my top 5. This song is hot!!!! I work out, and rock to this song lol.

So what's at the TOP of y'all lists this week?

See my boy [jei.lamar] helped me find Katy Perry. Maybe you can turn me on to something new too! ;)


AcousticSoul said...

I'm pulling out my duct tape to bind her hands from holding a microphone, a wooden chair to sit her skinny butt down somewhere, and my bandana to gag the mouth of little Ms. Leona Lewis. I'm sick of that chic!

Then I'm gonna lock her away in a basement (notice I didn't say MY basement) and kick rocks at her and feed her 3 day old honey glazed chicken that been sitting out. Then I wanna hear her sing I'm You

****Walks out and SLAMS door!****

deonte' k said...

Acousticsoul: LMAO.... that shit had me dying laughing @ my desk @ work lol.

You will not do such a thing to Ms. Leona ok lol. I wil be like James Bond, and burst thru a window, slap you ass, and untie her and then redo the scene from "Romeo Must Die" with Aaliyah (my baby), and kick your butt lmao.

[jei.lamar] said...

well Katy Perry is the greatest her whole album but that's just me....but I haven't really been listening to nothing new besides Jasmine Sullivan my top 5..

1) Sweetest Thing-Lauryn Hill
2) Send It On-D'Angelo
3) Next Lifetime (Live)- Erykah Badu
4) My Life- Erykah Badu
5) Cleva- Erykah Badu

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