Monday, June 2, 2008

Movie Review: Sex And The City


This was a really great movie. It came in the # 1 spot this past weekend at the box office, and it deserved it. It was one of those movies you just didn't want to go off. I loved my girl Jennifer in the movie (even tho she didn't get alot of screen time as I hoped she'd get). Every character brought something difference to this movie and made it a joy to watch. I so wanna get the DVD collection now and sit home in my PJ's an just watch it all balled up on my sofa eating popcorn lol. They all were so beautiful and sexy. Their friendships are wonderful. I would love to have a circle as tight as theirs lol. Love it love it love it!!!!!!! Go see it y'all. I will again. ;)

Now I'm officially a Sex and The City fan!!!!!!!!!! LoL


jei.lamar said...

lol so NOW you're a sex fan?...but yes it was a GREAT movie...I went to see it..but I had to get it on bootleg too (but i will be buying the DVD when it comes out)..... but Kim Cattrell will be getting a show on HBO i'm wondering if they are going to try & make it a spine-off

slimm215 said...

OMG the movie really was great. Don't forget the people you saw it with though. They are some great people as well. lol

Anonymous said...

I, too, agree. The movie was everything the series left off since 2004. And don't forget the one who introduced the Fab Four to you. ;)

Allan said...

Loved it, did King Koopa go see it?

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