Monday, June 2, 2008

Album Review: Usher - Here I Stand

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Ok lets see. Where do I start. I like Usher and he's a great performer, but for some reason this album is not giving it to my like I want it. (Get your minds out the gutter lmao) it's clearly missing something. Don't get me wrong it's listenable, but its hardly what I expected. Am I disappointed? hmmm not really but @ the same time I expected more. He does has some nice songs, and they album is cool, but overall I felt it could have been better. Here are some of the standout tracks to me:

Love In This Club

Trading Places

His Mistakes


Love In This Club Part II

Here I Stand

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jei.lamar said...

I agree with you D, the album is kind of like an "ode to Tameka"'s nothing like confessions where his his emotions was raw, real & you could feel his pain...but he does has a few nice tracks

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