Monday, June 16, 2008

Goodbye Old Apartment

The reason I'm saying goodbye to my old apartment, and writing a blog about it is, this place share some sorta sentimental value to me. Today I turned in my keys, and said my final goodbye. It was my very 1st place I lived in alone for a entire year and some months. I remember the 1st day I walked in this place, I was like God what am I doing? I hope I can do this lol. This place was were I sorta started healing and finding my own way in this wicked world. It was like being in rehab. It made me stronger. I couldn't run to the next room to talk to anyone like I was used to. When I was sick I had to get up, and get my own stuff and what not. People said at one point I was kinda spoiled, and being there taught me, maybe I was just a tab lol. This place holds so many memories. Good & bad, but I've learned alot of lessons, and I think it has prepared me for my next journey in this thing we call life. I remember going into this apartment, I said to myself I will continue my journey, even if I have to alone. And that's how I truly felt, ALONE. I was hurting about so many things from death, lost of friends, and not understanding why I was even here on this earth at times. But when I look around this time everyone is here that's supposed to be, and I'm so grateful. I took all I need in from this place. Like I mention before, living there alone has taught me so much about things, and also about myself. Now it's time to move on, and I'm so happy to be living, and room mating with my best friend, AGAIN... oh lord lol. It's where I'm supposed to be, so I'm at peace with leaving. So goodbye old apartment. It's time for a new start! ;)

My old room (hmmm so many memories... sike naw lol...not those kind, well maybe lmao)

Special thanks goes out to my other best friend Derrick for helping me move all this mess lol. look @ him tryin' to lift that bad. Ain't he cute lol. My other friend Sean was willing to help too, but Me and Derrick took care of it all.


jei.lamar said...

awww memories, i remember when i moved out of the house & to a whole new STATE, in an empty I can understand where you're coming from..& u got that man sitting there working hard & you taking pics...SHAME ON YOU Deonte`!! SHAME....ON....YOU! lol

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this new apartment may serve as a refresher. I hope Im invited to the housewarming party!

Prince Xem VanAdams-Lumumba said...

D, I dont think u TRULY understand just how MUCH I Enjoy coming to your Blog, just about 2-3 times a Week. SERIOUSLY. You Jumped Out of NoWhere, Introducing yourself to Me, and in time, You have become one of my Ultimate FAVORITES.

I LOVE and Oh, So APPRECIATE the time you take to really SHARE the detailed Photos and Journies of your life, with the adoring Public. I can NOT wait to get My actual computer and Photo Files Up and Running, again. I SO MISS doing Posts of this Calibur.

Since Im limited with resources and transitioning, right now, Im basically just releasing and posting articles and critiques, self-written. Im gonna label JUNE the Quality Over Quantity Month. Actually, Im ENJOYING the Time and Effort thats been going into My LONG Posts as of recently.

August will be a bit LIGHTER and Fun, with the RETURN of ALL of My Photos and Shit. U Know...

...and DARRICK needs his own LABEL /TOPIC on your scroll for as often as his ass is Mentioned on Here. HA*

slimm215 said...

thats right get him Jei. lamar. got me working all hard and he snappin pictures. lol just joking it was fun. sweaty but fun. I also agree with Xem. put my tag right on over there sir. lol

deonte' k said...

jei.lamar: hey I was working too lol.

queerkidofcolor: Yeah I think it will & sure lol.

Prince Xem VanAdams-Lumumba: *wipes eyes with tissue* lmao... aww thanks boi. U know I feel the same way about you and thank u so much.

yeah maybe oneday I will give Derrick his own LABEL /TOPIC on my scroll depending on how good of a boy he turns out to be in the next few months lol.

I can't wait until u get up and running. I know ur going keep me entertained lol. I still want my photo shoot too lol ;)

slimm215: oh shut up lol... ur tag is on the left side of my chest already punk lol ;)

Mckinley said...


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