Thursday, June 5, 2008

deonte' k's Top Top 5 Songs This Week

Love this track! Her Voice Is Amazing!!!!

That Movie Brought this up to # 2 lol, plus my friend Derrick has this dance for this song that I think of everytime I hear this lol.

3. Jazmine Sullivan - Need U Bad
HOT!!!! HOT!!!! HOT!!!

I hope this Is like their next single or something!

Can't wait for the video!

Zechariah! I know your glad there's no Leona this week huh??? lmao


AcousticSoul said...

THANK YOU! If I had to see Leona Lewis just 1 more time, I was gonna ship crates upon crates of music to listen to.

I guess I need to get into this Jennifer Hudson song. I only listened to it a couple times, but I'm hearing a lot of buzz about it.

But I have to thank you for dropping Leona from your list (at least this week)

Thoughts said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thoughts said...

you are a beautiful man!

D. said...

Lemme tell U...

Cherish brought the FIYAH, with "I Ain't Trippin'"...Instant summer/club banger. I LOVE IT! Unfortunately, the album hasn't received very good reviews. Although, that's usual how it goes.

Now, Miss Jazmine is RETICULOUS. LOL I love this chick! Can't wait, 4 the new album 2 drop!

Of course, we ALL kno J. Hud is a BEAST. I like the "Sex and The City" single...It's got SASS. LOL I'm still kinda 'iffy' on the movie, tho. I've heard the performances are great...We shall SEE!


HAWT LIST, D.K.!!! ;)

AcousticSoul said...

btw . . .I love RAIN

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