Saturday, June 7, 2008

Artist Spotlight: DUFFY & Album Review: Rockferry

Who is Duffy? Well I used to ask myself that when I used to see this album cover everywhere. One of my friends used to ask "Isn't that Hilary Duff" lol. Now I knew it wasen't her, but I still never really paid her any mind. So I remember cutting my other best friend hair like a few weeks ago, and he was playing some girl named Duffy, but I never once thought about her being the same Duffy my other friend was asking me about. So I was browsing last week, and I saw this same album one the top 10 albums, so I had to go to itunes and check her out. I previewed it, and instantly had to have it. It was so soulful and beautiful! Now I remember hearing the song "Mercy" before on MTV on a commercial, but I thought it was some sort of MTV spoof lol. I was like I'm kinda feeling that song though lol. Then the video looked so old, and I only caught like 10 seconds of it because it was right after one of the shows went off, and they played part of the video. So I kept telling myself that not no real artist. Well im glad I took the time to out to see who she was, because she definitely is not a joke lol.

This album is hot!!! I love every last song on it. It's all I been listening to this week. (Well in between my top songs lol) It's a very old soulful bluesy type of album. Every song gives you something, and could be a single. I can't even name the songs on this album that standout because in my opinion they all do. Very well worth spending your money on. I bet my bottom dollar that if you get into Duffy you will be hooked! ;)

"Rockferry" in stores now!

Go out get this album! 1 OF THE BEST I'VE HEARD THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!! 5 's

SOMETHING FRESH & NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duffy - Mercy - Official Music Video


jei.lamar said...

YESSSSSSSS!!!!!! for Duffy....I heard about her a few months ago...& i fell in LOVE with this song...her album is hot...this is my "Back To Black" of '08...I was in Journeys getting me some shoes & this white dude was like super excited that i new this song..i'm like CHILL OUT!!

deonte' k said...

jei.lamar: lol, yes Duffy is that new girl that everyone needs to watch out 4 ;)

deonte' k said...

i got people at work buying this cd lol.

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