Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sex & The City NewYork Movie Premiere Arrivals

Who Rocked It? & Who Didn't?

Michelle Williams

Jennifer Hudson

Mary J Blige & Hubby
Lil' Kim

Sarah Jessica Parker

Cynthia Nixon

Kim Cattrall

Kristin Davis



AcousticSoul said...

I've never watched 1 episode of Sex & the City, so I have to say I have no interest in going to see the movie.

Who Rocked it?? Michelle Williams (Love her) needs to gain a few pounds, and her dress was too low cut. Had it not been such a a clevage (or lack there of) bearing dress, it would have been hot!

Jennifer looks great. That's a hot dress for her. She got them girls sitting right up under her chin. Dang!

Mary J. . . .It's something about her outfit that isn't doing it for me. I mean it's a cute dress, the hair is cute, but I'm missing that MJB pazzaz!

Fergie looks aiight. I kinda like the poodle dress, but she didn't need to wear the jacket. I takes away from the dress.

Lil Kim looks a hot mess

SJP looks stunning. Personally I don't see what all the ranting and raving is about her, but she looks good in her dress.

Cynthia Nixon looks very nice. She should use a little color to her skin, and maybe a little something to her hair. Like a updo or something. I dunno.

Kim Cattrall . . . HATED IT. 3 snaps in a circle boo!

Kristin Davis. Ummm . .yea, about that.

SODA said...

Can't wait to see the movie, I want to go watch Strangers tonight but I'm going alone...

Michelle Williams looks nice but uhm you should always find out the color of the carpet before you get dressed I agree with acoustic I think that whole little design under the boobage should've been brought up & made the dress strapless

Jennifer Hudson...LOVE this chick BUT this very reminiscent of that HORRID outfit Andre Leon Talley convinced her to wear..she's uuber busty it's a cute dress, just not cute on her.she should've went with something else

Mary Mary Mary...uhm it's quaint, just glad she didn't over accessorize it

Fergie is cute she doesn't have that heroin-esque sunken face anymore so that's a plus & the red shoes set the bag off

Big Lil' Kim...nice make-up but she looked like she just stepped out of a Rikers shower with a t-shirt & towel on...maybe she should stay away from orange?

SJP.."THE FASHIONISTA" this is total fashion recovery for her from that mess she had on @ the London premier... that was the ugliest effin hat i've seen in my life

Cynthia Nixon is hot but her lesbian lover is sooooo not

Kim Cattrall..suite of armor... but I wonder if she stayed around for this premier

Kristen Davis..yea uhm she looks short & dumpy kinda like a bite size reese's wrapper...Mario Cantone (Anthony, Charlotte's gay best friend) must didn't help her get dressed

slimm215 said...

OMG J Hudd looks so good in that picture. I love that cut on her. What happened to LiL Kim ass. She just looks a hot ass mess. somebody needs to give her a hug cause that picture is not it.

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