Saturday, May 31, 2008

Making The Band Tour "2008"

Last night I went to the Making The Band Tour and it was hot! OMG that was a good show.

It started of with Cheri Dennis. This girl can really sing and move on stage. She perform songs from her album "In & Out Of Love", which I think was cool. My only beef with that is her music sounds so outdated because I heard most of these songs when Diddy tried to create the 1st batch of his now hot group Danity Kane. But never the less Cheri did a great job. "Portrait Of Love" was my song. When she did that people got excited. Hope she one day gets the recognition she deserves. She been with Bad Boy longer that all the people she opened for last night.

Then came out Donnie Klang. Oh the girls went crazy. I mean they had signs and everything. I felt like I was in the audience of an American Idol live performance lol. He didn't do many songs. (I guess he wouldn't considering the fact he doesn't have an album out yet!) I thought he was cool. Did nothing really exciting for me but he did ok. Need to see him perform more to really see if he can put it down as a solo artist.

Day 26 was really good. They looked good sounded good, and put on a great show. They really surprised me. They really had me like wow theses dudes are really performing. They came out in their little suit and ties and put it down. That Q and Willie was hot lol. I was standing there like a regular dude watching the show, but inside I was screaming yes Lawd lmao. Hmm hmmmm. Theses boys really made me like some songs of their album I never really paid attention to. Robert still to me has the best voice, and it sounds even hotter live. Over all the guys killed it and I give them their props.

"When the lights came on they really did transform" lol. Danity Kane laid it down last night. I have to say this is Diddy's prize possession right now. His money maker. These girl were on point at every moment. Their outfits were HOT! Their dance moves and choreography was tight. They are beyond what any female girl group has to offer right now. You know know how in Destiny Child Beyonce was the standout girl? Well in this group they ALL standout. They all have something that makes this group a whole, and I couldn't keep my eyes off them. They sang and performed like it was nobodies business. I loved their whole entire concept and what they did with their show! I can't wait to see these girls again. Danity Kane has a bright future ahead of them. Diddy knew what he was doing when he gave us them lol.

Even though I'm a little under the weather right now with a cold, and pink eye. I'm still enjoying this wonderful week thus far. Now its time to hit the movies. Gotta rock my shades until this eye get it together. You will not catch me out with my eye looking like this *hmpt* lol. I'm so upset I couldn't take no photos this week lol. I been hearing that "Sex & The City" was great. But I told my friends STOP!! We will talk about it once I see it lol. As my weekend continues, stay tuned. ;)

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jei.lamar said...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself D, but it would've been soo hard for me to compose myself especially if Willie got shirtless...but i know Dawn looked hot right? she had 2..she's Dawn...did the clothes Aubrey have on show her pudge?

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