Friday, May 16, 2008

Movies 2 SEE!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah I know it's been a min since I posted a movie review, but hell I've been busy lol. So I will give you a brief review on the latest movies I've seen so here we go:

Iron Man B

This was a good movie. Wasn't to pressed about going to see it, but I'm glad I did. Robert Downey Jr. was good in this film as Iron Man. I really enjoyed his character. Something about Gwyneth Paltrow in this movie was really interesting to me. I don't know I just liked her for some reason lol. She was walking in those heals though lol. My boy Terrence Howard was cool too. I like him anyway. It's an action packed film full of good entertainment. A must see. It's been the # 1 film for the last 2 weeks.

What Happens in Vegas B -
I must say I really enjoyed this movie. I'm not really a Cameron Diaz fan. Now I like her and all, but she just doesn't really do much for me. But I must say she was really good in this movie. Her & Ashton Kutcher was great together in this film I thought it was really funny. So check it out!
Made of Honor B
This movie was really good. I went to see this one alone, and I was like the only young black male up in the theater lol. I thought it was very funny. Its was so romantic. I love to watch movies like this. There nothing like people falling in love. Well watching it in movies, because it sure isn't happening in my life right about now lol. Very entertaining. Patrick Dempsey did a great job, as well as the rest of the cast. Kadeem Hardison (Dwayne Wayne) even had a role up in this film. Definitely a good movie to go see with ur boo lol.

Baby Mama C+

This movie was hilarious. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are a mess. (In a good way) If you wanna get ur laugh on this is a movie that will have you rolling out your seat.

Street Kings B-

There were alot of known people in this film. Keanu Reeves was the main focus and star of this film and this boy was bad. He was like the best cop ever lol. This is one of those film with a surprising twist at the end. Me and my cousin went to see this together. It was a cool movie. Something you probably prefer to watch at home though.

88 Minutes A

Out of all theses movies I've listed here. This one is by far my favorite. I seen this one 3 times. Al Pacino was great man. He was just so cool in this movie to me for some reason. Alicia Witt, I love this girl for some reason. The 1st movie I've even seen her or notice her in was Urban Legends. Her hair cut in this film was HOT. She looked great, and I loved her role in this movie. She was Al's sidekick. Oh lets not forget Leelee Sobieski. This girl really surprised me in this movie. She was really good. This was a bad chick I tell you lol. She was the sh*t I'm not going to lie lol. Loved everything about this movie. It was like trying to put together a puzzle. A MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well until next time, have a great weekend everyone! What movies are y'all going to see this weekend?


SODA said...

I'm going to see Made of Honor tonight...I saw Baby Mama last was funny but it wasn't as funny as they were making it out to be....but 88 minutes I was sooooo upset when I went to see that last month, I was sooo happy Al Pacino was back in an adventure movie but it was BLAH...I fell asleep & that pissed me off so I left..I can't remember nothing from that one

SODA said...

okay....i just came back from seeing Made of Honor & I loved it...I don't know if those songs in the movie are on the soundtrack if so that's a hot little soundtrack but why did EVERYONE even the chick i was with look @ me crazy when I started singing "Love Song"

deejuana83 said...

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas was too funnnny!! I will definitely watch it again. Kutcher and Diaz was a great combo for this movie...5 stars!!

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