Thursday, May 15, 2008

deonte' K's Top 5 Songs This Week

1. Lindsay Lohan - Bossy (I wore this song out this pass week lol. I'm really feelin' this Lindsay track. It's hot! Love it!)

Yes, I already know I needed a shape up in this photo, thank u very much lmao ;)..... this picture is like 2 weeks old anyway, before I cut my hair bald again lol.


deejuana83 said...

OMG I am going 2 beat you up when I see you ;) You cut your hair again? I was getting my fingers ready to hook you up!!! Get it together cuzo!! lmao

slimm215 said...

I'm just a lil bossy......... OMG so tired of that song. lol sike just joking actually starting to like it. though your ass is far from bossy.

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