Thursday, May 22, 2008

Album Review: Cherish - The Truth

5 's

With all the female groups we have out today (Danity Kane, The Pussycat Dolls. Girlicious, to name a few) you can't help but wonder what this quartette Cherish has to offer the music scene. Well I will tell you.

Cherish is truly the essence of what a real R&B female group is supposed to be. They have a great style/look, great vocals, and catchy R&B songs that you can't help but like. They give me sorta what my girls 702 used to, and people know I love them lol.

This album is very good. I love it! Been listening to it all week. It's a album I can listen to from begging to end left with wanting more. Cherish will definitely be around for a while, and they couldn't have come up with a better album title because they are "The Truth."

Go get this Cd Y'all!

Standout tracks off this album are:

I have to say they are all good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every single track!!!

I Ain't Trippin' (One Of my favorites off the album. Currently playing on my myspace page lol ;)..) Is probably the hottest song on the CD though. But this is another perfectly well put together CD for me this year!

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