Monday, April 14, 2008

The deonte' k's Mariah E=Mc2 Contest! Winner is........

Thanks to everyone that participated in this contest. A lot of people said it was to much work for them so they opted not to participate, but oh well lmao....Anyway I do appreciate you guys for taking out the time to play along. Corey is the winner so congrats to you buddy! Here are the correct answers to the trivia questions about Mariah Carey: (the deonte' k' Mariah E=Mc2 Contest details)

1. Ludacris

2. Terrence Howard

3. Nick Lachey

4. Dru Hill

5. Virgin Records

6. Marilyn Monroe

7. Always Be My Baby

8. New York City

9. March

10. Tommy Mottola

11. Brenda K Starr

12. Alfred Roy

13. Patricia Hickey, opera

14. Columbia

15. Allure

16. Crave

17. Missy Elliott

18. Jermaine Dupri

19. Janet Jackson

20. Mariah Carey

I also mentioned in the contest blog that I would name my favorite Mariah album in this blog, (which also comes with the package the winner will receive in the mail this week) and that Album is "Daydream"...... that was the 1st Mariah album I ever owned. Actually it's one of the 1st cds I've ever owned. My mom brought it for me @ a flea market brand new. I remember it like it was yesterday. When I listen to that cd, it take me back to all those special memories when I was a kid and owned my 1st cd player lol. Plus my momma love "Always Be My Baby." Her an my aunt used to sing it all the time, and put it on repeat like all day long lol. Oh they were the good old days. :)..... See y'all next contest! have a great week, and go out and get that new Mariah Cd. My review is coming up in the next few blogs. I heard it already and I really like it.


Jeff0418 said...

Congratulations....job well done.

AcousticSoul said...

Congrats to Corey!

deejuana83 said...

Congrats Corey. Trivia: What was the first CD you owned Deonte?? ;-)

deonte' k said...

deejuan83: answer to your Trivia ? is, Brandy's cd. givin' to me by U lol... I didn't even like her like I LOVE her now lol ;)

deejuana83 said...

Totally Babe!! lol ;-)

deejuana83 said...

I know Corey's glad that CD was for free.

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