Friday, March 21, 2008

deonte' k's Mariah E=Mc2 Contest!

Ok y'all here we go again with another contest. The rules are basically like they were in the Janet Jackson's "DISCIPLINE" Contest!

*All you have to do is fill in the blanks & email your answers to Email must include your full name, age and address. Make sure you put "deonte' k's "E=Mc2 Contest" in the emails subject. The winner will be selected randomly from all the emails with the correct answers.

* (Alot of people forgot this one last time) You must leave a comment here (on this blog entry) on why you love or like Mariah Carey.

*In your email let me know what your Google screen name is or whatever you use to post comments here, so I can match the comment you leave HERE, with the emails that I receive.

*The winner will receive:
A copy of Mariah Carey's new album "E=Mc2"

A copy of Mariah's "The Adventures of Mimi" Concert DVD (I went to this show and It was nice.
Click here to read what I had to say about it.)

& A gift card of my choice and amount. ;).... (it will be somewhere cool so don't trip lmao.)

AND.... I decided to throw this in @ the last min.... I will also send the winner a copy of my Favorite Mariah Carey Album released so far. But no one will know what that is until the end of the contest when the winner is announced. ;)

Contest ends April 13th @ 5pm.


(Now if Mariah changes her release date then I will have to extend the contest, but as of now it's dropping on the 15th of April. She's been pushing it back for a while now, but I think because the single is out now, an it's doing well, that it will be dropping on that date.) So stay tuned an keep and eye out for updates as they become available to me.


Mariah Trivia...... How much do you really know about one of the best selling females in the record biz:

1. ______ was feat. in Mariah's single/video "Loverboy" in 2001, and had a # 1 album in 2006 called "Release Therapy."

2. _____ once stared in a UPN comedy sitcom called "Sparks" and co-stared with Mariah in the movie "Glitter."

3.______ was once a member of the male group 98 degrees. He recorded a song with Mariah & Joe, & was once married to Jessica Simpson.

4. ______ is a R & B group from Baltimore, MD, and recorded a song called "Beautiful Ones" in 1997 with Mariah.

5. In 2001 Mariah signed a 80 million dollar deal with _____ records for her next 4 albums at the time.

6. Mariah brought Golden Globe winner __________ white baby grand piano at a auction for about 662,500.

7. _______ is the 5th track off Mariah's "Daydream" album.

8. Mariah Carey was born in ________ City.

9. _____ 27th, 1970 is when Mariah was born.

10. Mariah was once married to _________.

11. Mariah's song, "I still believe" is a remake of the song by _________, who she used to be a back up singer for.

12. ________ _________ Carey is Mariah's dad full name.

13. Mariah's mom name is _________ ________ and she was a former _________ singer.

14. Mariah's 1st album was released on ________ Records.

15. _______ was a New York - based female R&B quartet that was the 1st group signed to Mariah's record label back in 1997.

16. That record label was called _______ Records. It was founded by Mariah along with Sony Music Entertainment in 1997 then shut down in 1998.

17. _______ and Da Brat appeared in Mariah's remix of the song "Heartbreaker". She has a hot single out Where she's ching chinging getting paid over hurr lmao. (I'm sorry but I just love sayin' that lol)

18. Mariah appeared on __________ 1st album titled Life In 1472: The Original Soundtrack.

19. There has been rumors of ______ ______ and Mariah Carey working together on a song for a while. (Hint: She was feat. in my last contest, and just dropped a new album.)

20. This pop diva has a brand new album titled "E=Mc2" dropping on April 15th!__________.


tamayatrl said...

Hey, I absolutely love Mariah's voice! I often imitate her in the shower while practicing my falscetto (I feel so bad for my husband poor man)! Mariah's proven that she's a phenomenal woman and artist I wish her much love and success may she continue to push defying all odds.


corey said...

i love Mariah's voice its a gift and she continues to share it with the world with this nice ballads and club bangers plus she is a real diva that has payed her ways in the industry and you have to give the girl credit she is bad....

Jeff0418 said...

I love Mariah she has alwayz been one of my favorite artist. Throuh out her career with everything she has gone thru she has alwayz been able to deliver to me. Can anyone say "The Emancipation of Mimi" This woman knows she can sing!

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