Sunday, April 6, 2008

Day 26 (Album Review)

3 's

I really like this Day 26 album. It's a pretty good CD considering the fact it was rushed. I think the guys did a great job and I'm happy that they doing well with their album. Here are some of the standout tracks for me, "Are We in This Together" (hot beat, nice R&B feel)"Co Star" (sexy mellow type of song) "Got Me Going" (nice song for their 1st single. pretty catchy, nice vocals to match) "If It Wasn't for You" (My favorite song off the CD... it's hot! I love Robert's part in this song. When he comes in with his verse it makes the song even better. LOVE IT! "Don't Fight the Feeling" (love the vocals on this track) "Exlclusive (No Excuses)" (when the show ended after Diddy picked his guys just about everyone was sorta feelin' this track. I like the beat, and the guys vocals together were hot for a group just put together for the 1st time.)

The CD is worth getting in my opinion. So Check it out.!


AcousticSoul said...

Day 26
I really like this CD. The more I listen to it, the more I like it.

Initially when I first heard it, I didn't fall in love immediately. But now over time, this CD will stand the test of time.

My Fav songs:
I'm the Reason
Got Me Going
Co Star
Come In
What it Feels Like
If It Wasn't For You

Mckinley said...

they ok i knew DK would be more lol

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