Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Khia on Janet..... AGAIN!!!!!!! ("Oh f**k Janet. F**k Janet. F**k Janet, she's a hater."

Khia recently did a interview with, and continuously diss Janet. Read part of the interview below:

Khia: Oh f**k Janet. F**k Janet. F**k Janet, she's a hater. All the fans wanted to know what was up with the TV incident. Why wasn't I on the TV you know and I just felt like Janet hated, you know? I felt like that was an opportunity for me to shine. You called me to save the day; I went in, I wrote on the song it wasn't no problem. Much love to J.D. But my song was the hottest song on the album everyone know that. “talk dirty did ya hungry.” [Ed. Note: lyrics from Janet Jacksons “So Excited” from 20 Y.O.] And they were expecting me on TV and it was like she hated. I feel like I didn't need Janet, Janet needed me.
Janet Jackson is a star it's no question but we're a little tired of those "Thriller" dancing routines. And all that other stuff she got going on there's a new generation out here and she only did a handful of features with her brother, Busta, me. I mean she doesn't really do 'em, but she's getting old so it's now it's…you ain’t in competition with me—give back. I mean that was an opportunity where she could of introduced me, she was on Tyra she was on all those other shows. I didn't really need that and I don't do features so I'm not going to say, "Janet I needed you." But, you called me to do the song, you know I'm an independent female you know I'm a black woman. You already know how much they give us hell, you aint even recovered from the t-shirt malfunction, you'll never be where Mariah is at right now because you're Janet—that's the same thing I go through.
So she was in a position of power to reach back and say, "You know what Khia's doing her thing, listen Khia come perform, I want them to see her, I wanted her to be on the song." F*ck Janet. B***h your album ain't gonna sell this time around 'cause you hated. Was this a specific show where you were like, “What's up can I get down”?
Khia: Well no. I can't really say that cuz I don't really do features so I can't say that she totally turned her back on me. But a lot of people was callin’ saying show for show; she did the Oprah show, she did the Tyra show and they heard my song, my hook in the background because of course it made the song. So the fans was like, "Khia why you weren't on the show?" I was like well she hated, she got intimidated, she hated. She ain't want to share her shine but I feel like you're Janet Jackson girl and you need to stop. You're a hater you ain't exempt and f**k you, I hope your album flops this time around too. And I meant that.


deejuana83 said...

blah! blah! blah! Stop crying and bring your own shit out!!! Wishing the worst on others will only come back to you.

Jeff0418 said...

It's very apparent somebody's lil feelings got is Khia doesn't have enough issues with Trina and Jackie O ready to beat her dwn. Khia need to get a

AcousticSoul said...


deonte' k said...

Khia needs to sit the f**k down somewhere. Did it ever occur to her that maybe oprah or tyra might didn't want her raggity ass up on their shows. And she keeps saying I didn't need Janet... and im not pressed and don't do features. But why are you still talking about it damn. yeah that song was hot, but I could have said the hook and made that song hot. so get off ur raggity ugly ass and try to put out some music worth listening to other than being on your neck and nasty a** back! I mean seriously who wants to see you like that anyway. since you don't need this or need that your whole point is
irrelavant. Call Trya and whoever and get urself on the show since you got it like that. And if u ask me your still using Janets shine to blow up, because you wait til her album drop to talk all this mess. Girl whatever. go in someones corner and shit ur a** down and shut up before you get smashed like the roach u look!

Mckinley said...


Baxby said... she serious? I mean, we are talking, Miss My-Neck-My-Back, right? First of all, the ONLY reason she was on that album project was because of Jermaine Dupree. Since her tired first "hit," she has strolled under radar as far as I am concerned. She totally contradicts herself in this interview after spewing her hateration and then turning around a stating she couldn't say Janet totally turned her back on her. SHE needs to get over herself, find a corner, and go sit in it. Well in her case, put her "skillz" to work and make some "independent" money. Her lack-luster career has nothing to do with Miss Janet.

UR UPGRADE said...

This chick is crazy. Ain't nobody vibe to song just because of her tired lines. I could see if she actually rapped some bars on the song but the background hook...come on now you a silly bitch.

deonte' k said...

deejuana83: so true lol

Jeff0418: "get a clue" lmao

AcousticSoul: lol u went hard (looks away lmao)

Mckinley: holding my stomach laughing lol

Baxby: right lmao

UR UPGRADE: right. she said a few lines and thinks she did something. Oh sick in the face looking self lol.

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