Friday, February 15, 2008

Khia Talks About Janet!


deejuana83 said...
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AcousticSoul said...

Here's my take. The song with Khia was way hotter than the one with Nelly. I too have to wonder why they chose that as the 1st single. In my opinion they probably should have never even released that as a single at all. That is one of my least favs by her.

But when it comes to Khia, she said it for herself in this clip that SHE herself is a sell out. She said the single "My Neck, My Back" ain't really her style of music, but why would she make an entire album of "Nasty Music" if that ain't really her??

Here's the answer: To make money!

That's the same thing Janet is doing. Trying to make money! In the end, people say they make music for the love of that art, and that could certainly be true, but hell, we can all just make music in our bedrooms and love the art of it.

People go out and shop their demo's and whatever else they have to make money. So for Khia to hate on Janet for doing what she sees best for herself is outlandish. That broad needs to kick rocks!

Baxby said...

I am getting caught-up here and must chime in with a comment.

For the record, I will admit that "So Excited," should have been the first single. It would have been a nice re-intro for Janet, rather than "Call On Me." So I will agree with Khia on that point.

What Khia has failed to realize/understand is that she is not a headlining "name." Maybe if she did more features, she would be further in her game. But it seems to me she is content on selling herself short, "giving them what they want." To me her type of artistry can easily lower the quality of a project if it's not controlled. It's not that she doesn't have talent, She does whatever she may do...but, when she was given the opportunity to work with an icon, that was HER time to show the world that she can step outside of her norm and create something memorable.

I think Khia has shot herself in the foot on this one. Her perception seems to be off. Janet could have been holding out to include her in tour dates and promotion. I guess she didn't notice that promotion for 20 Y.O. was very limited outside of the usual appearances. I seriously doubt that Janet felt intimidated over Khia getting more shine. I would even speculate that Janet didn't give it that much thought/energy. It was all business and in show business, sometimes promotions take on a mind of it's own, therefore people shouldn't take things too personal. Janet has featured several artists that she never performed live with, so Khia is off-base on her point here.

Khia certainly isn't an artist that has trail blazed enough to appear on Oprah with an icon. Her music speaks on fulfilling basic needs and has no universal appeal. But, that is my opinion.

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